Block quote not blocked after compile

I’m having trouble keeping the block quote indentions on compile. I’m compiling as Non-fiction Ms. format and keeping the default options. When I open up the compiled ms. in Nisus Pro, no block quote indents; it’s all indented just like the rest of the ms. Thank you.

A little more information would be helpful in determining the cause. It sounds to me, for instance, that you are using format override in the Formatting compile option pane, which is cleaning up the formatting of your document and making it look nice on output—but you haven’t tuned the settings to ignore indents, or did not use Preserve Formatting on the block quotes in the original so as to retain their editor formatting. Or to put it another way: do your block quotes have a blue box around them in the editor? If not, then you need to set your Options in the Formatting compile pane to “Preserve tabs and indents”.

Note that if you do that, however, you’ll lose any cleaning up of the other indents like first-line indent of paragraphs. Generally it’s better to have a blue box (Format/Formatting/Preserve Formatting) around your block quotes—we have a built-in Formatting Preset that does this automatically as a matter of fact—because then whatever the text looks like inside that blue box will stay that way when you compile. You might have noticed, in the aforementioned Options panel, that there is a section for easing up the level of protection on Preserve Style (that is actually an incorrect label, it does mean Preserve Formatting), so that the font can continue to be overridden for instance.