Bookends + Scrivener Users: a wonderful Pandoc & LaTeX workflow enhancement!

In V14.0.1 of Bookends, IMO the greatest reference manager on any platform, Jon the developer implemented a major new feature that simplifies the workflow for those of us who use Scrivener + Pandoc so that we can get a fully referenced document without any fussing. Bookends can now generate a one-way synced BibTeX copy of your database. This means no more requirements to manually export a complete copy of your database, only changes are synced with a single command.

Some tips and tricks for this workflow can be found on the Bookends forum:

Specific to Pandoc, compiles can be faster if the BibTeX is converted to JSON, and I have a solution in that thread to trigger this automatically using macOS’s launch manager. We can also automate the sync every X hours, and I have a script and launchd solution for that…