[Bug] Merged documents lose margin.

Steps to reproduce.

  • Split scene into 3 parts
  • Rearange the parts
  • Select all three parts in Binder
  • From Documents menu select Merge documents.

Result new document loses margin on left and right and text is butted up to edge of the active editor area.
Expect: Margin to stay the same after merge.

When viewing the chapter in Scrivenings view with other scenes that have the correct margin, the text in the merged scene visually adopts the correct margin of the other scenes but with the ruler on, the markers are still at the extreme left and right for that scene.

I think this was already reported. [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/the-margins-of-merged-documents/95718/1]

Yes, thanks, we have this on the bug list. As noted, the quirk sticks with the specific document, oddly, but after closing and reopening the project it appears correctly. That’s not quite as temporary as would be nice, but at least the bug is not permanently altering anything, just messing with the display during the session.