Bug? Search saved as collection shows incorrect scope

(Windows 10; v3.1.5.1)

Scenario: Two project searches, A and B, are saved as collections. A has scope Text only. B has scope Notes, Synopses, Title.

Show collections. From the active binder, view collection A. Scope is correct. View collection B. scope is now Text, Notes, Synopses, Title. (Return to the binder and that set of scopes is still checked.)

The displayed scope does not seem to affect the results; I suspect that the scope settings of the search are simply being checked in the list without first unchecking all previous scope check marks.

Not at computer but if hit control button before cliking project search in windows can add more search in options for a single search one at a time. (Might be shift button)

Hi @Julian_M1,

In my opinion this is a bug. I reported it here back in June. No response from L&L.


On the one hand, if the related topics had shown you’d already reported it, I might not have bothered; on the other, a second independent report can’t help – beside which, a bug such as this is surely a one-line code fix and it would be nice to have some acknowledgement.

We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.

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