Capitalization Problem in Chapter Headings when Compiling for Word

Hi all, I’m wondering if there’s a way to get my “Chapter” headings to appear in all caps when I compile in Microsoft Word, instead of lower-case. So, “CHAPTER ONE” and not “Chapter One.” Some agents require all caps in chapter headings.

I have Scrivener 3 and I’m stuck! I know how to do this in Scrivener 2, but not 3. Any info? Please?

Did you do the Tutorial, and the guide going through changes between Scriv 3 and Scriv 2? … date-guide

You just need to adjust the title settings for the relevant section layout(s).

In addition to the guide suggested by lunk, the manual has comprehensive information about how to adapt section layouts (see the PDF attached).

Scrivener User Manual 24_2 Section Layouts.pdf (528 KB)