Chapter Numbering Placeholder Confusion

I hope this finds everyone well.

I’m struggling with placeholders for my chapters. Each chapter is divided into sections or scenes. I would like each scene to be sub-numbered i., ii., etc, but when it gets to the next chapter I want the scene numbers start all over again at i. rather than with v., vi. etc.

Have tried various placeholders without luck… advice or a pointer to a relevant post much appreciated. Thank you in advance :smiley:

If you’re using Scrivener 1, I’m not sure this is possible. If it can be done, the only suggestion I can think of is the <$rst> placeholder tag. I don’t have Scrivener 1 available, or I’d test it before saying this.

It’s easy in Scrivener 3 (or the beta if there’s no bug in this area). I’ve explained it in a video at the Dropbox link.

Thank you so much for your help, will see which version I have & follow your other suggestions… really like your signature, too! :slight_smile:

I like yours too!

DrMajorBob, can I just ask you one more question? Do you know where I can download the Scrivener 3 for Windows beta? I’m currently on 1.9.something - ah!, the stoneage version.

If you’ve already given me this info in your video (which due to putting out fires I finally have time to watch) please ignore this, and have a great weekend. Thanks again for your help.

Go to this thread to download the most current beta, which at the time of this writing is RC18:

Be aware that while the beta versions do not require a license, they are set to expire on a certain date. L&L usually makes a new RC available before the old one expires, so make sure you backup your settings in case you need to manually uninstall an expired beta version and reinstall the newest. If you are using Scrivener every day, you can always use the Check for Updates menu item in the beta to upgrade to the next version.

Once the release version comes out, then the normal licensing code will start working again and the expiration process I just mentioned will no longer be active.

Also, use the Windows Beta forum for any bug reports, problems, etc. that you may encounter while using the beta – this allows the devs and other beta testers to see your posts more easily without beta-related information being splatted all over the forums used by folks who aren’t ready to use it.

Googling “Scrivener 3 beta download” should get you there.

If you bought version 1 after Nov 20, 2017, the upgrade to Scrivener 3 is free.

Thank you again for your time - hope you have a brilliant weekend :smiley: