chapter title in the header?

I would like to put the current chapter title in the header, but I can’t find a placeholder tag for chapter title. Is this even possible? Thanks.

There isn’t a code for this yet. We do plan on adding a placeholder, <$sectiontitle> which will print the name of the last item that generated a page break, which is typically the current chapter.

That would be a very useful addition, thank you!

So, I’ve spent the last bit over an hour, reading googling and searching for how to do this. I’m guessing, despite the age of this thread, that this feature still isn’t in the windows version? (I’m using, which I believe to be the latest Windows version - I’ve not seen any mention of Scrivener 3 being available for Windows, and assuming it’s still a separate codebase from the windows/linux version.)

Could someone confirm please? I’ve tried numerous tokens, but you don’t get error messages and I haven’t managed to find a UI to display all available tokens, trying to use custom meta-data has also failed.



I haven’t confirmed that it is implemented yet, but I seem to recall the beta version has this capability in place. As for that, it seems like you might not be aware that it is a public beta. It’s reaching the final phases of development, and as such at this point you may find it suitable for your purposes already. You can install it to a separate folder though and keep the stable version, to play it safe.