Codes to use when searching and replacing formatting

I am trying to use Regex to search and replace text but I’ve run into a bit of a quandry . . . where can I find the codes to use in the rplace box for things like Capitalize or set a specific tab location or turn text red.

If I use this regex \t(\p{Ll}+) I get the words I want to capitalize but I have no way of accomplishing this.

Help, I don;t wan to have to export my work to word just to fix these little issues and then reimport back into Scrivener.

There is a list here:

…but to my (limited) knowledge, RegEx can’t handle formatting.

thanks for the reference. Its been a handy tool for me for years. What I’m looking for are the codes used to apply formatting to text used in Scrivener . . . sort of like all the hidden codes that exist in MS Word. Barring that, I’d like to know any work arounds that exist. I just don’t want to have to start exporting and importting into other apps to correct or apply style attributes. I use textsoap for everyhting but it has some anoolies with RTF and more specifically Microsoft RTF.

As I pointed out on the other thread you posted:

  1. The Mac version doesn’t use any of the versions supported by RegEx 101, it use ICU RegEX; it uses ICU RegEx, and though it is largely compatible with PCRE, there are differences, particularly the capitalisation codes.

  2. I could find no way to get the \L \U capitalisation codes recognised in the Replace field in Scrivener; just as with \t all it does is print either ‘L’ or ‘U’. I don’t know why this is because the codes work in the replace field Nisus Writer Pro, which is based on the same Apple TextKit and also has RTF as its native format. In fact, if I have them both open what’s entered in the Find and Replace fields in one appears in the dialog window in the other. So to me it’s a mystery that something that works in NWP doesn’t work in Scrivener.