Compiled document is cutoff

Sometimes when I compile a document, it is cut off: the last several paragraphs of the manuscript are not compiled into the document. This often happens on particular long documents, ones that are 350+ pages long.

I am using a somewhat old Mac to compile documents, so that might be an issue, but I don’t get any warnings or crashes. The document compilation step finishes apparently without issue, but the end of the document is missing.

The problem is not consistent: sometimes I can get the same document to compile fully after a few tries.

I am using the latest version of Scrivener, 3.3.6, on macOS 11.

Firstly, when searching for issues of (presumably) compiling to PDF and missing content, this thread pops up, with some advice I gave that solved the problem (the latter half of that is how to scramble your text to send a sample copy to support, which can be ignored). So I would try that, as this may just be the same thing.

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Thank you! It could be an issue with widow/orphan control, so I will try toggling that and see if the problem is fixed, and if so I will send a copy of the text along.

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