Compiling for dummies

I am struggling so badly with compiling, and all the online tutorials or videos are for mac. I’m on windows.

I can’t make scrivener stop putting Chapter One on the title page, which is a really dumb place for Chapter One to be. I also can’t expand the custom compile window to actually read what I’m looking at. I don’t want to do anything fancy, I just want the chapter one to appear on the ACTUAL chapter one. This is the least intuitive program I’ve ever paid money for.

I hear ya. I was very excited to see Scrivener 3 released. Sadly, I just don’t feel 3 was tested well on Windows. I’m thinking I’ll need to switch to Dapper for my projects for the foreseeable future. Hopefully Scrivener 3 will improve to the point it’s usable as well as intuitive.

It may help to review the tutorial for upgrading, which was designed for those who were used to the older system.

On the other hand if you’re brand new to the software, and with regards to video tutorials, not sure what you mean by that, maybe third party stuff? We have a full complement of Windows tutorials in video format.

There is also an interactive tutorial in the software’s Help menu. I think the problem you are describing would be easily resolved in 15 minutes if you go through the section in the tutorial on compiling.

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The beta test period for Scrivener 3 for Windows was quite extensive. The suggestion that it “wasn’t tested well” is ludicrous. Is there anything specific that you’d like assistance with?

It’s not my fault that I’m finding bugs after your testing. I’ve reported several examples of the compiler being garbage and not formatting correctly. Rather than blaming me for the bugs, simply acknowledge that you’re looking into reported issues.

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To @hypnos97, let me know if you have any further questions about the tutorial materials, we’d be happy to help.