Compiling into Word: Pagebreak Separator Keeps Adding paragraph from preceeding section

Hi there,

well, title tells it.

I am using Scrivener 3.01, Windows. When compiling to a word document, the section separators “page break” keeps adding an empty paragraph AFTER the page break, but with the style of the preceeding section.

This results in a lot of unnecessary work within the compiled document. Where does that paragraph come from, how can I get rid of it?

The paragaph between “Tag 1” and “Jutta” is connnected to the “Jutta” Section (Jutta being the title, the follwing text the body), whilst “Tag 1” is the name of the parent folder. The paragraph does have the formatting from “Tag 1”

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I experience exact this behavior right now when I compile for a book script. I tried every setting I could imagine but this empty paragraph keeps popping up between all sections with the styl of the preceding paragraph.

Here is a more recent discussion on this known issue. The long story short though, there is no good way around it even on our side, so at the moment it’s categorised as a bug in the programming framework rather than something we can fix, unfortunately.

By the way what I would prefer to do is leave page flow to after compiling, using the method described in this post. It’s the “right” way to do this anyway, rather than inserting manual page breaks like Scrivener does. You’ll avoid other odd issues that can arise from doing so that are harder to find.