Compiling Outline with a column (Keywords)


I can set up a outline view inside scrivener with a column next to it, in this case with just a Keywords column. (see attached screenshot).

I’d like to be able to compile this exactly as it looks: Outline info in one column, Keyword column to the right. Any way to do this? Thanks!

You can’t Compile that, but you can export the Outline view as a CSV file and open it in the spreadsheet of your choice.

(File -> Export -> Outliner contents as CSV)


Hi Katherine,

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. Unfortunately, this doesn’t serve my purposes. It creates three columns: title, synopsis, keywords, side by side, whereas I need it to look like my screenshot, which has the synopsis under the title in one column, and the keywords next to them in a second column.

Can something closer to this be done?

I see that one can include the keywords under the outline title if you set up printing correctly, and use “Print Current Document…” , so you get: Heading, keywords (under that), and synopsis (under that), in a stack. Is there a way to do the same thing in compile? The problem with using print, is that doesn’t allow me to save it as a Word document.

Attached is an example of what I’d like it to be. Not looking for anything pretty.

This example is time consuming to create; it involves quite a bit of copying and pasting. Automating this is something that I imagine others might want to do as well. Feature request?

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