Connecting to printer

Scirvener see’s my printer “Brother DCP-J152W.” It’s on the list of printers, but will not connect to it. Not seeing anything in the document preview either.
Any suggesitons will be appreciated:)


Are other programs able to connect to the printer? If not (and maybe even if so), the simplest thing might be to restart the computer and see whether the problem persists. If it does, there may be something amiss in the printer’s own configuration.

Thanks for your reply David. Yes, The printer works fine with other programs. When I open print current document - in Scrivener. - it has my printer on the list, whIch I select and apply. But it will not print, or show it in print preview or move it to the printer
I did uninstall/reinstall the printer drivers. It may be a Windows 10, 64bit problem?Regards,

I’ve had communication breakdowns between particular programs and particular printers–just had one this evening in fact. I’m still on Windows 7, so I hope this will be relevant. I’d try first closing down Scrivener and restarting it to see whether that clears the problem. You’ve probably already done that. My next move would be to restart the computer; that surely should fix it. If not, then it would be time to contact Scrivener’s technical support directly, I think.

Thanks again David. Thinking of trying a reinstall of Scrivener but will give tech support a shot. Cheers,


You might try seeing if there is a different version of your printer drivers as well, making sure that both 32-bit and 64-bit applications can print.

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