Could the Chinese Communists be developing bio weapons that target specific races?

Could the Chinese Communists be developing bio weapons that target specific races? Consider for example, that Sickle cell disease affects a very narrow population. Sci-fi writers and conspiracy mavens - Could designer diseases be a new weapon of the future?

Read about it in this article from Reuters.

China’s gene giant harvests data from millions of women

What could wrong? (Hmmm still going through Covid)

Reminds me of this verse for the Bhagavad-gita 16.9

Following such conclusions, the demoniac, who are lost to themselves and who have no intelligence, engage in unbeneficial, horrible works meant to destroy the world.

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Just because Reuters chooses to encourage anti-Chinese racism while ignoring the hundreds of years of history of Western civilizations engaging in biological warfare, doesn’t mean we need to wallow in it here.


Please clarify, what do you mean?

Accurate reporting on the actions of the Chinese (or any other) government or government-associated entities is not inherently racist.

The sort of unfounded speculation exemplified by the original post does, however, walk very close to the line. I’ll be watching this thread closely, and encourage all participants to familiarize themselves with our forum Guidelines: FAQ - Literature & Latte Forums

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There’s lots of good research out there already.

It’s certainly plausible as a science fiction device, although the economic consequences for any nation on Earth would be far reaching and crushingly destructive even if successful and undiscovered.

If we’re contemplating a book about a fictionalised nation abusing a societal class with legally protected characteristics, I think a good old fashioned agism-based discrimination would make for a more “believable” narrative. Many countries have skewed political preferences amongst different age brackets, and how a society looks after its members after they’ve passed the peak of their economic contribution (whether through age / retirement, or other ability-impacting factors) goes to the core of what many to believe the measure of a society’s morality. Of course then you’re just ripping off Logan’s Run at this point.

Please excuse my tardy reply. The Reuters article is about the actions of Chinese Communist Party. Communism is a political ideology not a race so it is not racist to criticize a political ideology which has murdered 100 million people since its inception. Taiwan is also a country populated by the Han people (Chinese), no one is criticizing them. The Chinese are a great people with a very long history and culture who unfortunately are ruled by a tyrannical and ruthless government – an evil empire. To reiterate the article is critical of the actions CCP not the Chinese people, who are also victims of their government.

Please forgive my tardy reply.

You made an assertion. The burden of proof is thus yours to prove, not mine. Considering that the germ theory as a vector for disease only became accepted after 1880, and that viruses were not discovered until 1890s; how is it that anyone was engaging in biological warfare for hundreds of years before that? What to speak of in an organized way as you suggest. Hence my request for clarification.

Again, not going to do the research for you, but here’s a hint: it does not require germ theory or knowledge of viruses to see that certain things tend to make people sick, like sharing blankets that sick people have used, or smearing feces on edged weapons.

How many millions of people has capitalism murdered? Let’s peg the beginning of modern capitalism as the advent of the West Indies Trading Company, which was the first corporation to trade in modern shares.

Feel free to reply or not, as I have muted this thread and will no longer be responding to it.

Wow I have no idea what made devinganger so angry here but I believe what he may be referring to is the spread of smallpox to the indigenous population when the Europeans took over in the Americas. Basically they realized the native population didn’t have any immunity and intentionally sent their sick to the camps of the natives to make sure and spread it. Not the same thing as specifically manipulating a virus to target a specific race of people - simply taking an unfair advantage when seeing lack of immunity in the enemy population. However that was a long time ago and probably too long ago to be called “Western”.

However the burdeon of proof is on the accuser as you said Orpheus so I have no idea why he didn’t at least present that. I also don’t know of any time capitalism has murdered anyone and certainly not hundreds of millions of people like Communism or Fascism has so not sure what he’s getting at there. The only thing I can think of is perhaps those who starve from being poor while others make billions but the US government hands out so much free money and food nowadays.

But anyways, back to the topic that was originally posted before that - I do honestly believe that the ability to genetically engineer diseases will be an issue in the very near future (indeed it may already be an issue). I mean the vaccine was able to be developed so quickly because the genetic code for the virus was already known by the Chinese scientists by the time it got to the US and there is already evidence that viruses can be created or at least have their genetic code modified. That is one of the things that the Wuhan virology lab was studying; messing with the genetic code of a virus to make it more or less contagious and alter the effects on animals. I honestly do not think it would be out of the question for a government or evil entity to use such a weapon against others and I honestly don’t think there is any one entity that is the most dangerous here. If this tech exists, it can and will be used.

Sorry for my late response.

This is preposterous. Either you have evidence or you don’t. I don’t do your home work for you, you were supposed to have already done so before making your statement. Not that I have to provide it for you.

That would be like the defense counsel telling the prosecution “my client is innocent” and the prosecution asks for the proof, and you reply “you look up the proof.” This is nonsense.

You either have the evidence or you don’t. It is not for me to provide your proof.

Again, assuming this to be true you would have to prove that there was a concerted, malevolent and conscious effort to do that. That trading companies purposely gathered up the materials of deceased people with the intent of distributing to healthy first nations people with the intent of killing them.

Of course it doesn’t really make good sense to a trading company to kill off the people who you are trading with, the people who are bringing you valuable commodities that you will make a fortune off of.

I am not a fiction writer so by habit I like facts- that is how non-fiction works, based on facts.

From my little reading on the subject just the initial social contact between East and West introduced so many pathogens that well before the 2nd and 3rd wave of Europeans had penetrated into the hinterlands that 80% of the native population had already died. And that was not from trading but just from shaking hands. Whole swathes of the Americas were depopulated before Europeans did any significant trading or even got close to central part of North America. Pathogen spread among internal aboriginal trading partners. Europeans came to places that had already been depopulated simply by internal spread of pathogens completely unknown to them. And they had no knowledge that they were carrying pathogens that were deadly to the locals.

Research the Siege of Fort Pitt for an example of a deliberate (though probably unsuccessful) attempt to infect a Native American population.

But we don’t need to argue about smallpox transmissibility to place abundant evils at the door of capitalism. In North America alone we have both the Atlantic slave trade and the deliberate slaughter of American bison in order to deprive the indigenous population of food.

So you made this assertion, that capitalism murdered people starting on a specific date about 400 years ago. So now prove it. Tell us the numbers.

Communists were only in power for less than 100 years and it is well documented that they murdered 100 million by their own book keeping. And, it keeps going on as described in this article in the Atlantic about present day Communist China One by One, My Friends Were Sent to the Camps

Not gonna sugarcoat anything, but without capitalism – that would probably still be a thing. Slave labor was the norm for millenia. Long before capitalism. Abolition of slavery just for the sake of it is a pretty “western” idea. There wan’t even a concept of “universal human rights” (as we understand them today) before the Enlightenment era. If anything capitalism and industrialization made slavery unprofitable faster and liberated more people.

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I just did. Thank you for that reference. You at least supplied one.

It was a crude and unsuccessful form of biological warfare. The most successful attempt of biological warfare in pre-modern times was at the siege of Caffa wherein the the Mongols who had been struck by the Black death, hurled thousands of dead bodies into the European (Genoese) held city as a final blow before departing. This lead to the introduction of the Black Death into Europe which killed up to 40% of the population (in some place 100%). In this case it was the Europeans who were the victics.

The Atlantic Slave trade spanning over approximately 400 year had about 10-12 million victims. Even if for the sake of argument we double that number to 25 million. That is still very small compared to the 100 million people and counting that the communists murdered in the last 100 years and continue to murder today.

Comparing one specific instance of capitalism-related badness to all communism-related badness is fallacious and unworthy of someone who pretends to care about facts.

It’s also fallacious to compare absolute numbers across a 400 year span, given the enormous increase in global population over that time.

At least in the US, this is provably untrue. The introduction of the cotton gin, by increasing the amount of cotton that could be processed, increased the demand for both land to grow cotton and slaves to pick it.

And of course the Atlantic slave trade – slavery as a global “extractive” industry, rather than a localized practice – was itself a creation of capitalism.

And never mind that China is really communist in name only at this point.