Crash when hovering on "Substitutions"

First post here, sorry it ended up being a crash report!

Okay, here’s what happens.

  1. I’m editing a document - in either the default or the fullscreen mode.
  2. While spellchecking, I hover over “substitutions”.
  3. I don’t even need to click - the program crashes right there. Happens each and every time. I’ve attached one of the crash reports.

This doesn’t happen when I do the same thing on TextEdit, so I don’t think the problem lies there.

I’m running Snow Leopard 10.6.2, for what it’s worth. I haven’t purchased my copy yet, still on the trial(26 days to go) and wondering whether to buy now or go Scrivener Gold - which is awesome but doesn’t do .doc - till version 2.0 is released.
Thanks for Scrivener, Keith, it’s a wonderful program :slight_smile:

PS: This bug here - - seems to be the one I’m experiencing. Sorry about the duplicate!
Scrivener crash.doc (92.5 KB)


Thanks, yes, this is a known bug. Actually, I thought I’d fixed it, but apparently not. Hmm, actually, looking at the code and testing it out, it does seem to be fixed, at least in the main editor. Which version of Scrivener are you running? 1.52 and 1.53 shouldn’t have this problem. Or is the problem not in the main editor but in the notes area or somewhere else?

Please don’t use Scrivener Gold - or at least, if you do, please realise it’s at your own risk. I’m not sure which sites still make it available, but we certainly don’t, and for good reason. I provided it for free for some time, but it was just a very early, unfinished pre-beta prototype of Scrivener, and as such it has numerous bugs and hasn’t been tested on anything later than Tiger. Moreover, if you leave it on your machine and don’t delete it after installing a newer version of Scrivener, Gold can easily corrupt your projects - that’s why we haven’t made it available here for around two years or more.

All the best,

Hi Keith,

So sorry I didn’t see your prompt reply.
I hadn’t realized I was on an out-dated version (cue bang-head-on-wall!). Upgrading to 1.53 fixed the bug. Thanks!

In fact, I purchased my copy yesterday. So, goodbye Scrivener Gold - Scrivener, here I come!