Crash When Navigating Back To Project List With Search Box Populated

This has been driving me crazy for a few months, but I finally figured out the cause in a way I can reliably recreate it!

  1. Open Scrivener for iOS
  2. Tap on one of your projects.
  3. Scroll down so the search box appears.
  4. Enter text into the search box
  5. Click the “< Scrivener” menu at the top left of the screen to navigate back to the home screen with your list of projects.
  6. App will crash immediately.

(This also happens if the cursor focus is in the search box, even without any text entered.)

I’m on iOS 13.1.2 on an iPhone 8 with the latest version of Scrivener.

Hope that helps to isolate and fix.

Yeah, this is really annoying :neutral_face:

iOS 13.2
Scrivener 1.2

Thanks for the clear report, I was able to reproduce it simply.