Crash while changing default font (but probably a dropbox sync bug?)

I changed the default font for my project, restarted as directed. Didn’t see the application still running, started it back up, went to do a Documents > Convert > Text to default formatting and received the below crash. I started this post thinking it was a bug in changing the fonts, but now think it was a problem with Dropbox still synching changes when the app started back up. Changing the font in the document was the first thing I did after startup, so would have been the first activity to write to disk.

Just to add to this - had this happen again, this time while 3k into a writing session (no font changes this time). There is a race condition in writing to Dropbox drives it looks like. Luckily, nothing was lost - I hit OK to the dialog, saved manually, backed up manually, screenshotted, copied to buffer, and did the dance of the chicken to make sure nothing might accidentally be lost. For good measure, I restarted the beta (needed to pull that bandaid fast, I was still shy of where I needed to be yesterday) and all was well. For safe measure I’m disabling Dropbox during writing the rest of the week.

Having Dropbox syncing while you’re writing can be problematic. We had a discussion earlier this year about the matter: [url]Cannot save - #17 by tiho_d]

Thanks! Sorry for the dup post. I know this had been a problem on the mac version for a while. Then it mysteriously (to a user) stopped being an issue. Also, comparing apples (dohl) and oranges is unfair, I know.