Crashing when using

I agree with iPersuade, I’m not convinced it’s the ram issue. Of the 87 apps I have installed the only one that crashes the iOS Settings app is Scrivener. And it crashes the settings app every time I go into certain submenus, whether or not I make changes within the submenu (see list below). Example: navigate to Editor—> Statistics; it doesn’t matter if you change the selection or not, when you select the breadcrumb in the upper left corner of the screen to return to the previous menu the Settings app will crash. Continuing with the previous example, when you click the “Editor” menu breadcrumb in the upper left screen corner to return to the “Editor” settings menu the Settings app will crash. As I said above, Scrivener is the only app out of 87 that crashes the Settings app.

These are the settings that have caused the Settings app to crash:

  1. Editor—> Statistics
  2. Editor—> Default Zoom
  3. Background Colors—> Text
  4. Background Colors—> Notes
  5. Syncing & Sharing—> Sync Projects on Close or Rename
  6. Syncing & Sharing—> Check Dropbox on Project Open
  7. Syncing & Sharing—> Warn if No WiFi
  8. Syncing & Sharing—> Convert Markdown

I hope this helps.

I can corroborate those findings.

I can only partially corroborate this.
The Settings app crashes when I back out of those menus. So if I go into Editor -> Statistics and then choose another app instead of backing out, the setting is accepted and the app doesn’t crash.

I’ll just respond to this with a response to the original query in the thread it was taken from. has nothing to do with Dropbox syncing.

They still have some bugs to fix with Settings, sounds like. They broke nested setting layouts right before launch. It’s why we moved a bunch of stuff around for no reason at all—well that was the reason, to avoid crashing bugs in hierarchical navigation.

Okay, Ioa, we can cross that one off the list of leads.

Since today’s iOS update 13.3, the settings app is no longer crashing for me.

Whew! Hopefully that’s the last of those bugs, then.

I also agree