Beta 1.3 downloads: … rBeta3.exe …

The links are truncated and don’t actually connect to a file…

I currently have the Beta 1.3 which I downloaded last week. Is this a repost of the 1.3 or is this a new release?

Uh, yeah. What they said. The link doesn’t work, and is this the one and only “1.3”? I’m ready to upgrade to fix the lagging/freezing problem. :astonished:/

Loving the program though!

it is a repost, but if you hunt down the original daily update thread with the upgrade in it, it downloaded for me fine this morning. It was on page 3 this morning. … rBeta3.exe …

Those are the actual links. No searching necessary.

I’ve downloaded what is apparently Beta 3 yet when I start up Scrivener, it informs me that I’m about to use Scrivener Beta 1.0, running out 12th December. Any explanations?

Do I need to uninstall Beta 1.0? If so, how? I tried and Win 7 wiped out my whole Scrivener install.

I get this message too. I think it is just that the message hasn’t been updated alongside the consecutive beta numbers, as I definitely have 1.3 (and the “About” option in the Help menu, among other things, confirms that I do indeed.) So I’ve just been ignoring it.

The pop up was never updated. I think that repairing the bugs was more important than that little pop up.

If you are worried that you aren’t really running 1.3 you can hit Help -> About Scrivener and it will tell you what version you are running.

Yes, sorry. I need to update the 12th Dec pop-up.