Linux build is here:

Windows is here:




Downloading now. Thank you very much! Can’t wait to test it! :smiley:

Hi there.

Link to known bugs is sending me to a 404 from Windows download page for v1.6. Any idea on where I can see the bug list for 1.6?

Also just a quick question: I have registered twice for updates via email, but I am not getting them. I have my own domain, so nothing goes into spam.


Michelle Dear

When you registered for the e-mail newsletter, did you get a confirmation message shortly after? There were directions that needed to be followed in there.

Thanks, I was so disappointed when I had to wait for the new version after uninstalling the old one.

BTW - just tested the copy bug where it drops the apostrophes and IT’S FIXED :mrgreen: :laughing:

Yipee!! Thank you, Lee. May your pillow be soft as you get some very well-deserved Zzz’s. :smiley:

I’m not Michelle, but I just realized I’m not getting any emails, either. I got the confirmation–as well as the very first email announcement in Oct 2010 telling me the very first beta was available; but it doesn’t look like the subsequent beta releases were announced? Just wondering. Not that I’ve needed the emails; I’ve been coming here to check kind of obsessively. :wink:

Ditto for me. I got the first release notice, but nothing after that. Not even in my spam folder. Though, I have also been stalking the forums/websites lately so I’m always in the loop that way.

The newsletter is my fault - I have not sent any. I will make sure I learn how to use it for next time. Thanks for the reminder I had forgotten all about it since we set it up.

The bug list I knew about. Sorry it’s taken me a few hours to document what has been fixed and what’s outstanding in beta 1.6 given all the troubles we have had releasing this one. It will be up soon.

I’m running Win XP and have had little problem with the betas so far. I installed the new beta and get the error message: Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

So I tried to uninstall it and reinstall but got the same message.

I then installed to my laptop running Win 7. Program installed fine but cannot open any of my Scrivener files. Message is they are not compatibile with this version.

Any help would be appreciated. I’ve apparently lost masses of work. When I looked through the backups, almost all except a rare .rtf here and there were those endlessly opening ghost folders.

I am having similar problems on Win7x64. Installer reports that it cannot create an uninstaller and then closes. Attempting to run the program results in error message: Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

Beta 1.4 ran without any problem.

Hope this can be resolved soon.

Try this, Right Click on the installer file, go to properties, general tab. It will probably
say “file has come from another computer and is being blocked”. Click the
unblock button and you should be ok.

This nesting of folders was from beta 1.3 I believe. It has since been fixed. If you are happy to can you send me the project where you get the message ’ not compatibile with this version.’ and I will try to restore it for you? My email is lee AT literatureandlatte DOT com. Don’t worry your work will be safe. Just right click in Windows Explorer on the project .scriv file and select 'Send to > Compressed (Zipped) folder. This will create a .zip file. If you can send me this I will take a look at it for you.


I am emailing you, Lee. Thanks :slight_smile:

Love it. Thanks, again!

I’d just like to add my continued thanks. Since fairly early on, I’ve had zero problems with anything in Scrivener. In fact, I’ve not posted anything on here for ages simply because it’s been working so well. The work you’re doing is brilliant and I can’t wait for final release.


Hi, I’m running XP and I got the error you spoke of above. So I went to properties and unblocked the file and attempted to re-install. Now I get another error. I’ve attached the screen-shot. I hope this helps you and that you can help me. Hopefully it isn’t an user generated error. :laughing:
Thank you,

(Same problem as above. Sorry. I did look through the posts in this discussion to see whether anybody else had the same problem, and didn’t see this; I think I got to the bottom of page one and didn’t realize there was a page two. Well, I admitted I was clueless! Apologies…)

Did you ever see that old Charlie Brown film where everybody gets candy for Hallowe’en and Charlie Brown, after every house, says “I got a rock”? That’s how I feel… I want to download and run like everybody else! But something’s gone wrong, or I’m clueless–well, I’m definitely clueless, so I guess that’s it…

Can’t run the installer. I get an error message telling me that Scrivener-1.6.installer.exe is not a valid Windows32 application. What am I doing wrong? There aren’t that many things TO do wrong – when I click on Download, it asks me whether I want to RUN or SAVE. If I click RUN, I get the above-mentioned error message. If I click SAVE, it saves a copy, then I try to run that, and I get the same message.

Given my track record, I’m probably doing something truly, truly dim, but I can’t imagine what it would be (obviously, or I’d be trying it).

I’m running Windows XP SP3

I’m getting the exact same error as Angela running XP SP3. Until this beta version, I’ve had virtually no problems. I did, however, install over 1.55. Uninstaller gives the same error I mentioned in my previous post.

Hope this gives you some insight. LOVE LOVE LOVE the program!

Are you guys OK with using regedit? If so, might want to search for anything related to scrivener and deleting it. (Trolltech, too, if memory serves.) Then try to install.