Customize Scrivener's menus/toolbar

How can I add an item to either the menu or the toolbar?

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I don’t see a way to add an external program. I was looking to add OneNote since much of my reference material is inn OneNote.
Ah well…

Thanks though.

Well… Perhaps you could use this function :


Otherwise, you could assign an OS shortcut to launch the app itself. Ctrl-Alt-Letter.
In file explorer, right-click the icon of a shortcut to the app, it is in the properties.

But what you initially wanted can’t be done, no.

How about adding a project bookmark to your one note folder?
Or adding a link to it in your research folder?

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Adding a bookmark to the any specific file in one note can be added to scrivener and when click this will open one note to the particular file and be available to manipulate or add to scrivener. Consider doing this as document bookmarks to make it particular to the relevant document.

This is a link to a detailed explanation of using bookmarks in another post, and it includes screen shots showing how another user includes his reference docs in bookmarks. (fyi - You can skip most of the numbered list at the beginning - it mostly itemizes the type of things in the bookmark.) I think this concept might work for you.


In OneNote, click on a Page, the right-click and select Copy Link to Page (you can click on a Notebook, a Section, a Section Group, a Page, a Sub-Page, a Paragraph and copy those options too, if that is your need). The link is now held in system memory.

In Scrivener, go to where you want to create the link to the material.
If you have a list of items, highlight a line and select Ctrl+Shift+L.
A window pops up as follow, in which you paste the link from memory. (Don’t be confused by the G, it’s that pesky Grammarly, which I turned-off temporarily.)

Once you’ve worked through your list this way, drag the list to Bookmarks.
For instance, a list like this one would serve as Project Bookmarks with active links in the preview windows below.

Document Bookmarks would relate specifics in a Chapter or Scene (your choice).

Alternatively, you can do direct links from a Bookmark by selecting Add External Bookmark from the ellipses menu in Bookmarks and pasting the URL from memory, which would be less useful in linking to bulk info, unless, for example, it’s to link to a OneNote Notebook on Movies in which you have OneNote Sections on Actors, Cinematographers, Editor and Directors and Pages per item you prefer to look up in OneNote, once the link is invoked.