Customizing toolbars

More of a question (or even a suggestion) than a bug (maybe). Where is the toolbar customization stored? The reason why I ask is that I had customized my toolbars (added some icons to both the main and formatting toolbars) and thought that they were being stored in the preferences file. I had saved my Beta 10 preferences before installing Beta 11, but the toolbar customization didn’t return with the loading of the saved preferences or was not saved at all. I had to recreate the toolbars from memory. I don’t remember if the preferences included toolbar customizations in previous betas.

At least one of them is saved in the Windows registry (found it, searching for Scrivener, to see if there were some odd things in there I could unset).

On my computer, it’s at Computer\HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3816785583-3806254592-960055448-1001\Software\LiteratureAndLatte\Scrivener\ToolBar, and the “Layout” item contains toolbar information of some sort. The key uses 64-bit data, and portions appear to be plaintext (in 64-bit fields). I don’t know if this is the default toolbar, or the saved version.

Unfortunately, reinstalling Scrivener will almost certainly overwrite the old toolbar. If you saved Scrivener’s registry settings sometime during’s life, that might have saved that old toolbar (maybe you can find it, copy it, modify the new entry? Be sure to back up your new registry, or you can break things really good/bad). Or the registry info might have changed between versions.

Not sure that helps, though.

Using the update installer should preserve your options including the toolbar settings.

I think it was a good question concerning possible toolbar settings’ transfer. Namely, is there a file where the current toolbar settings are preserved? (So far as they are not preserved with other preferences.) If yes, is it possible to move these settings from one PC to another, or restore them using such a file? If no, I think it would be highly useful to have this option.

I understand this should work. However, from the pinned Beta page ( “Please be sure to uninstall previous betas before installing Beta 12.” That’s how a beta should be dealt with to ensure old files/settings are not carried over to the new beta installation to possibly add carry-over from the previous beta version. Catch-22. I guess my argument is that toolbar customization is preferences and should be stored in with the other preferences. This will allow all the user modifications to be saved and reapplied if needed for any re-install of the program - whether it is a beta or regular release. It makes sense to clear up things in beta releases (as mentioned above), but the preferences shouldn’t modify the base program functionality that much (if they do) to warrant completely clearing them on every install/re-install of the program. They should be cosmetic enhancements/modifications of the default preferences. Right?

Using the update installer has caused strange behaviors in the new versions, so I don’t do that anymore. I do not trust it. When installing a new Beta, I back up my spelling directories, uninstall, wipe the old Scrivener3 directory (completely), reboot, and install the new Beta version.

If the update installer didn’t cause funky behaviors (really slow response times, among other things, that disappear on total wipe and reinstall), I might use it. At this moment, however, I do not trust it. Not sure what it’s doing, but something it does is not right.