Cut and Paste from browser to Scrivener in iPadOS

I frequently cut and paste text from a browser into Scrivener. The style from the browser is retained. This may be useful for some but for me, I just want the text to adopt the Default within Scrivener. Is there a way to set this?

For the on-screen keyboard:

And a subsequent post for an external keyboard shortcut.

Do this:

Paste and Match Style on iOS Scrivener?

Does that help?

When you’ve copied, and then are ready to paste into Scrivener, if you use the screen touch method, rather than a keyboard, you’ll have a choice for this.

  • copy the original, as you usually do

  • switch to Scrivener (if not side-by-side), and tap in the document to place the cursor

  • tap on this cursor. You should get a set of choices.

  • one of those choices will be Paste. This is what you’re used to, probably, and it will be formatted like the original.

  • another of the choices will be Unformatted Paste. That’s the one you want, when you want the text style to be as in your Scrivener document.

I think this won’t be different by iPad models, but it might, so see if you can do this way…hope so