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My Scrivener license keeps deactivating. I don’t know why, I don’t know how it would be fixed, It’s just a thing that’s been happening for a while now. I have 2 licenses, one for windows and one for mac, both licenses have stayed on 1 and only 1 device, The only one that has deactivated is the windows version, so I feel safe to call this a bug of sorts, and I’m wondering if this has been happening to anyone else.

Hi, and welcome to the forums. The first thing to do, before posting a question here, is to look around and see if it’s been asked before. There are many reports of this sort of thing, which started last summer when the license-serving company that Literature & Latte was using went out of business. In the midst of working on the Windows upgrade, they had to quickly go out and find another service. They went with Paddle, which frankly for all it seems to be worth ought to be called Piddle. It is that service that is causing these apparent license deactivations. Once the Windows upgrade is released, we all hope that L&L will find another license service to do business with. At any rate, do look around and hop onto one of the other threads discussing this.

This is still happening to me, once every month. I open a file and Scrivener goes into demo mode, telling me I don’t have a license. It saves my file and exits.

This happened with Windows v1 and now with v3, and has happened at the end of June, July, and now August. I happened before, too, I just didn’t write down the dates before that.

Is there an end in sight?

Please open a support ticket, here:

We cannot address licensing issues through the forum. Moreover, this specific issue seems to be very configuration-dependent, and therefore there isn’t a single answer.

Not to be rude, but the staff is not addressing licensing issues by request either. I’ve submitted (3) request for assistance over the last month and no one is responding. That’s why I am bringing my issue to the forum.

– MWriter22

I’ll throw my 2 cents here. Sometimes, licensing issues (it applies to many apps) could be related to a temporary “out-of-sync” timestamp of your machine.

If for any reason your PC do not keep it’s date and time updated, many services requiring authentication and/or providing licensing data will fail, as they usually validates the timestamp of the request.

This might not apply here, but it might be worth a look.

:point_up: Double-check if this option is enabled (:point_right: English guide)

Please check your junk mail folder. You should have received at least an automated reply in a matter of minutes.

Something’s up. I got a message that mine was deactivated, revoked, or blacklisted. It reverted to the trial, and I had to re-enter my license. It seems to work OK now. Problems with Paddle? (I keep my computer’s time synced with ntp, so that’s not an issue.)

My Scrivener (3.0) has also done this two or three times lately. I’m using the same computer I that it was first installed on.

I do use a VPN on my computer and I wondered if that was the problem, but I’m not sure why that would matter. If I were on a laptop and traveling, I would have different IP addresses.

I’m having the same issue with Scrivener for Windows. Each month, including today, I opened Scrivener and it told me my license was invalid and kicked me out. I had to put the license info back in to fix it. This seems to be a software bug, not a license bug.

Have you contacted support???

People, you can stand outside of Scrivener and think what you want about it all you want, but at the end of the day, the people who actually know the code are telling you to CONTACT SUPPORT so they can work with you (and Paddle, if required) to get your situation fixed.

If you would prefer to keep posting where you have been told they cannot help you and perform diagnosis through divination, then I guess you do you, but can you at least find some other web forum or Facebook page or somewhere to do it so we don’t have to keep reading it?

Contact. Support.

How hard is it?

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Last I checked, bug reporting was a feature for the forums.

You are correct. Except for licensing issues, as stated in kewms’ post upthread:


At the end of the day, what is deemed to be a bug is determined by L&L after looking at the code. They obviously don’t consider these kinds of licensing issues to be a bug (at least not in their code) and because it requires the discussion of personally identifiable information to troubleshoot and resolve licensing issues, they have repeatedly for years asked for those conversations to happen via direct support requests, not via the forums.

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can you please link some of those threads?

Here are two recent ones:

If you really want to read more, then search the forum for “license issue” and sort by Latest Post.