Dictionary Download Problem

First of all I want to say this program is amazing. I wish I could pay twice the price to smooth out all the kinks! I appreciate that it seems as if many people have put a lot of hard work into it.

On to the problem. I am not sure if this is even the correct place to put this!

I am running the latest Windows beta in Wine on 32bit Ubuntu 12.04 and every time I try to download a spanish dictionary for spellcheck it says the download fails.

Also I use a Alt dead key layout that I can’t figure out how to type with in Scrivener?

I searched the forum but couldn’t find a post related to this specific issue however if I missed one please let me know and thanks for your help!

I don’t think it’s just you…others here were having problems downloading dictionaries for other languages. Think it’s a bug? Might be worth posting in the regular bug hunt forum.

Not sure if this will solve the Wine problem, but with the Linux version of Scrivener, you’d need to apt-get/install “libaspell-dev” to get spell check working, and then from the repo, install “aspell-es” for Spanish (after being sure aspell-en was installed for English). I’d wonder what spelling resources Scrivener/Wine is calling, running under Linux?

BTW, the Scriv troops have been marvelous at updating the Linux version soon after the Windows upgraded version is released.

The WINE/Windows one is different because aspell is packaged with Scrivener. It isn’t using the system one. A Linux binary or library isn’t going to work with it. I do, however, remember non-English speakers having issues with foreign libraries recently, though, but I don’t remember if it were in Tech support or the Bug Hunt.

I only went to the wine version to try and resolve problems viewing PDF’s which I couldn’t seem to get to work in the Linux version. I would love to just use a native version so maybe I’ll go back to toying around with finding solutions in that version!

Re: the PDF problems in the native Linux version, I’d certainly hope that issue can be fixed soon. Given the stampede of users away from Win 8.x and the abandonment in April of Win XP, one could assume a much greater interest in Linux versions of essential apps, i.e., Scrivener. :wink:

I have a feeling it will be. I know the Windows one (beta 1.7) has PDF handling completely rewritten. So custom PDF handling will likely translate better than the 3rd party one they were using. (It worked throughout the beta, didn’t work a few releases after it was released, and now it does again.)

Yeah the Windows Beta on Wine displays PDF’s fine.

As for the dictionary I can definitely live without it but what I can’t do without is the keyboard input which I cannot figure out how to change??? Dows anyone know how I can use an alternate keyboard like alt-int’l?

So I did retry it on the native linux version and the keyboard works fine so it seems to be a probblem with wine, which I dont like win anyway so there you have it! Ill just stick with the native version and use pdf’s externally unless somebody ssays otherwise!

Installed v. (beta) for Linux and although the Aspell folder is in the folder with Scrivener with all its dictionary files, and all the ownership and read/write permissions are set, Scrivener just does not let me see or select any dictionaries at all. Language is set to English and restarted. Is there some kind of configuration file that might be edited?