Dictionnaire pour les Français

En l’absence du menu “outil” dans la Beta 13 qui permettrait de choisir le dictionnaire Français, j’ai utilisé l’astuce suivante pour replacer les 2 dictionnaires Anglais par leur équivalent en Français

  1. Je me suis logé sur le site d’hunspell pour récupérer les dictionnaire fr-toutesvariantes.aff et fr-toutesvariantes.dic
  2. je les ai renommé : en-US.aff et en-US.dic
  3. j’ai remplacé les 2 fichiers d’origine dans le répertoire : C:\Program Files\Scrivener3\hunspell\dict\English-en-us par ceux que j’ai renommé.

et ça marche très bien, a bit dirty but very powerfull and so simple !

EN : Due to missing “Tool” menu in Beta13, I’m explaining to French users how to replace both “en-us” dictionnaries (.aff & .dic) by the French ones after renaming the French files with their English equivalent

note : I might have missed other simple way to do it, but not found yet in the forum.

The Options are now in Files > Options and you can use Scrivener itself to download and install the French dictionary as previously in v1.9.

Many Tks for the support.

Multiple “couples” of FR files (.aff & .dic) are available on the Hunspell site. Those files correspond to either : Modern French, or Classic French, or “after 1990 writting reform”.

There is also an additionnal couple called “fr-toutesvariantes.aff” and " fr-toutesvariantes.dic" which seems gathering the whole 3 packages. Consequently the size of “.aff” is much bigger that the one provided by the current loading.

It might worth to check this point as the French langage directory from Hunspell seems the be the only one to offer multiple sets of .aff & .dic files.


To follow my previous poste :
I do confirm ! after additional tests, it is mandatory to use the content of “Fr-toutesvariantes” files, the current downloaded FR files are missing too much words (with final “s” for instance)

Thanks Marc, we will review the French dictionary files to improve the French support.

You can, if you wish to go to the trouble, replace Scrivener’s dictionaries with others in hunspell format.

If you’ve done this already, don’t read the rest…

  • the replacement names must be spelled EXACTLY the same as the originals. I am not sure capitals make a difference, but an underscore instead of a dash or vice versa will break them.
  • When Scrivener updates, it may replace them, so keep a copy hanging around.

And at [url][JH] Dictionaries - Portuguese - #6 by Aristoteles] are instructions for replacing, if you want further reading.