Did you miss me?

Just wondering.

It’s been 221 days 21 hours and 55 minutes of torture.

As I often debate with my Dr, is it the pain or the anticipation of pain that causes me fear? You have prover her point that it is the anticipation of suffering that is worse than the pain itself.


You have missed a number of attempts at literary excellence:

Amazing software advances include:

  • An iOS version in the works
  • A Windows version now officially released
  • Mac version 2.2

Plus KB tried to give a serious talk and we did our best to hinder his preparations:

I was wondering where you had got to only the other day! Although mainly because I had a technical issue and thought, “I bet Jaysen would be able to answer that… Hang on a minute, WHERE is Jaysen?” :slight_smile:

Glad you’re alive. And back!

All the best,

We thought you had seen the onset of a Mac/Windows battle and had (wisely) stood aside until dust settled, blood stopped flowing, and keyboard shortcuts were resolved.


I’ll be honest. I don’t like windows. I also don’t like strawberries so anyone who wants to argue can go …

So yes. I ducked out partly because I am unable to be an adult. Don’t believe me? Ask Fluff.

Secondly I had to take care of some family business. My oldest is a few months from no longer being “mine” (not that she will be “his” or “theirs” or whatever) but I needed to make sure I had some priorities straight.

But now I am going back to school to get my edumacation so I figured I needed to get back in the scrivener grove. That and I … man this makes me feel dirty … missed vic-k. The rest of you too, but there is something about vic-k. Kind of like looking at a car wretch in passing.

What do you need KB?

We’re entering the oximoronicle quagmire where we have to reconcile the concept of, ‘The mature student’,with the the fact that it is now Jaysen’s supposed legitimate status. Far easier to comprehend the Unifying Theory of Everything

As for missing vic-k!! We’re all aware that there is no accounting for proliferate red-neck hill billy deviancy.

I never said I was s student. I am just attending until they hand me the paper and tell me to leave.

Bl**dy hell! Why didn’t I think of that? :unamused:

Good to have you back. :slight_smile:

Probably because you have a head?

Yeah … I did wonder where you’d got to … carried off by pigeons perhaps … or the aftershock of the Stockport experience …

Welcome back.



I didn’t miss you.
Not one bit.
Probably cuz we never met.
Howdy, there. 8)

But it doesn’t count if I don’t use it, does it?

Does it count it you have a million billion zillion dollars in the bank but don’t use them? I think the same principle presides.

Just my headless opinion.

Many people wish they could make that claim. My wife included. Consider that you are no longer amount those that have the privilege of saying “who?” when asked “have you seen that headless idiot who spouts drivel about things which are yes left unrivaled?”

Howdy to you too pardner. 'Round these parts the weapon of choice is a .44cal vocab delivered via a parker repeater using indigo black. The really special folks sacrifice moles to get a skin covered case for their wadding, but I prefer the standard brass casing with a double load.

If that made sense to you you should immediately go back to the bottle and drink until it doesn’t.


Speaking from a position founded/built upon the bedrock of bitter experience, I can vouchsafe this!! Given your mutual 'Deliverance-esque-ish’, backwoods, hill billy inbreeding/upbringing, or whatever, you two will get on like a house on fire. Ill rephrase that…like two houses on fire.

I can feel a downward spiral coming on. :frowning:

I’ve just realised that Jaysen’s self-imposed exile came immediately after a ‘emotional’ exchange with me and a response to my post where I declared myself in a self-imposed exile.

Now I feel really guilty. Especially since my own exile lasted for only 18 days. And no-one noticed.

Sorry Jaysen.

I think Jaysen was busy cooking

[size=200]PORK CHOP SANDWICHES![/size]

Turducken thank you very much.