Do the individual panels undock

Is there a way to undock individual panels and move them.

More specifically, I would like to open the editing window to full screen and move the other panels such as synopsis, notes, corkboard etc. to my second monitor.

No, there’s no way to detach sections as you’re after. We have features planned for the next major version which should better accommodate a dual-screen setup, such as the ability to have a separate editor window and to open full screen on the secondary monitor.

It is possible now to open the inspector in full screen mode, which can show the synopsis or document notes for the current document; move the cursor to the bottom of the screen to bring up the control panel with the “i” inspector button to open this.

Any idea when this next version will be available?

I will likely buy given that the rest of Scrivener looks great but this omission keeps it from being an obvious choice. My mismatched monitors make stretching a single window awkward.

I’ve found (on Win8.1 and 10) that it’s possible to get the full-screen editor on one screen and the main window on the other, by hitting the fullscreen button when the main window is straddling the two screens and then moving the window back to the other screen. It seems to be a little flaky, though, so I may be exploiting a bug rather than a feature.

All I can say is wow. If this is a bug, I hope it’s never fixed. This is actual dual monitor usage for a single open project. I’ve been waiting for this for a while, and it’s been brought up multiple times in the forums. What you’ve done is similar to an atheist discovering the proof of God by accidentally reading the Bible backwards.

That is awesome. Just what I wanted!

Thank you SO MUCH for this hack. :astonished:
I also hope they never “fix” this if it is indeed a bug. Unless, of course, they disable it only to introduce a proper multi-monitor feature.

it is also possible to move the window by pressing the right or left arrow while holding WIN+SHIFT

I just want to mention that this hack only does the job in certain specific situations, in particular only when you do not want to change the document you are editing in full screen (selecting a different document in the binder will not update the fullscreen). Also, if you have your two screens in different orientation (one landscape one portrait), things get uggly.

Long story short: I hope this feature request is still “planned” for version 3…

Yes, choosing the monitor for the composition mode editor on a multi-monitor set up is much easier to do properly in Scrivener 3. :wink:

The binder never controls the composition mode editor, but you can use the Previous/Next Document shortcuts or the Go To menu button in the control bar to change documents in composition mode.