Document headings do not appear in Scrivenings mode – is this changable?

I am using the current trial version of Scrivener (PC). Under the View tab there is no option called Text Editing - and, therefore, no sub-option to Show Titles in Scrivenings.

Where is this option in the current version please?

I have wasted quite some time already hunting for it, and then by trying to speed-read the manual (a pdf doc!!)

I am genuinely puzzled why something as mission-critical as chapter and section headings would be omitted by default, but putting that oddness aside, how do I get them to show?!


You’re unlikely to get a useful answer in the Mac Scrivener support forum, so I’m moving this to a more appropriate forum.


Thank you :slight_smile:. Just realised that. I didn’t look at the breadcrumbs to see where I was.

It is possible that I simply don’t understand what your issue is, but it seems like you don’t understand how Scrivener works. That is its basic design decisions.

Scrivener is divided into two separate parts. One for collecting your information, taking notes, collecting materials, making timelines, outlining the project etc. Also, of course, writing your stuff. Chapters and sections are in the binder and the content of those chapters and sections are in the scrivenings.

Then there is a second aspect to the program where it outputs the content (they call it compiling), into any of many many different formats (word, epub, pdf, kindle, html and more). Marking the sections and chapters into the format you want is part of this second aspect of the program where you make decisions upon compilation about whether to break pages on sections or only chapters. On fonts for the section and chapter heading, and many more. The sections and chapters are in the binder.

Again, if I’m wrong, I apologize, but chapters and sections are not missing, they are in the binder.

Thanks Steve.

One of Scrivener’s ‘how to’ videos demonstrates an option to ‘show the titles in Scrivenings’. This is helpful because it makes it obvious which section you are reviewing, and where you are moving things.

A design decision to remove titles from view by default seemed odd to me, but only perhaps because I am writing non-fiction, which requires lots of titles and section headings for the reader too. I can see a use for removing them in fiction writing, eg when sub-divisions of text are labelled for the writer’s reference only. (Still…)

Anyway, there is an option to view them, or not.

Except maybe there isn’t . The video did not mention that it was about the MAC version only. Now I understand this, but cannot find the equivalent in the Windows version.

What I am really hoping is that someone knows how to make titles visible in Scrivenings in the Windows version.

This feature is not available in the current release version 1.9.9. That’s one of the features we Windows users will get eventually. Some day. Maybe even this year, they say.

It’s there in the Beta and it works. Head to [url]Scrivener 3.0 Beta - Release Candidate 10 (Download Links & Change List)] to download the Beta and see.

However, they warn not to work with anything critical in the Beta.