Easter egg in Beta 25?

When I hit the “-” -key three times in a row (—) in a text document, there appears a little “smiling face” instead of every third “-”. Is this an “easter egg” or an edible option? At least it’s funny :wink:

Tested and reproduced on Beta 26 with font Candara.

To recreate the bug, simply tick “replace double hyphens with em-dashes” under File > Options > Corrections > Substitutions.

To disable the bug, untick the above setting. This does mean no longer having em-dash substitution however.

If I type two hyphens, the em dash does not appear. If I type three hyphens, the em-dash appears with a hyphen attached. I can delete this additional hyphen by hitting space bar. However, if I choose to add a fourth hyphen instead of hitting space, or hit delete and try to put my hyphen directly next to the em-dash, a smiley face appears instead of a second em-dash. I can however delete the spaces between existing em-dashes without making more smiley faces. Something odd is going on with the character substitution here.

This egg has been there for a while (Beta 16? maybe earlier). See [url][NB] EM dash - #10 by rwfranz]. Labelled NB, which I assume means No Bug.