Eight Questions: The Literature and Latte team

Which book was decribed by a prominent LitnLat-er as “worse than tying fishing line to each of my front teeth and having someone yank them out”?

Which LitnLat-er shows her distaste in books by throwing them across the room?

What is Keith’s novel all about?

The answers to these and more (frankly some of the others are way more disturbing) in an interview with the LitnLat team: pigfender.com/index.php/2013 … and-latte/

Last I 'eard, Kev’s book was a yootopian novel, populated by giant, carnivorous Aldi lager swilling, Cheesy Wotsits, who’s primary source of nutrition, is, procrastination prone software developers…init? :confused:


“Thank you for your submission. We really loved your book, but unfortunately we already have something similar on our publishing calendar for the year.”

Ioa-iffer is very consistent when it comes to answering. I remember the first time he explained that filing system of his. My head STILL hurts thinking about it.

Notice the lack of location Julia provided for her “where to buy”? I was a bit disappointed and have returned my Visa to my wallet.

‘s OK pal…no prob. Gorra distilleriopian one if y’ wanna look at that…eh?

Did hear on the old tomato vine, that Siren’s reworking 50 Shades… Adding more intellectual content, and sharpening up the less than explicit honky-tonking. It’s working title is: 54 Shades of Dark White. Bit of a ‘under the bushel hider’, our Siren. :wink:


Cash only.
No refunds.

PF: this was great, great fun to read, and I thank you for creating it.
It must not have been easy to persuade our shy Wizards to speak/write of themselves.
Also, I note that they all write so WELL, so it humbles me to think they have sacrificed
Many great tomes to serve the rest of us pygmies who daily use/abuse their creations
And plaintively clamor for more and more Swiss Army Knife additions.
Many thanks again!

Thanks for doing the interview!

And as Druid said, software wonks who can actually write! And have charm! And who like doing what they’re doing! Wow!

Well . . . he didn’t actually say that, I did. But you get the idea.


Great interview(s), a lot of fun. But there was one question that wasn’t asked that was really bothering me by the end: what shade of blue?*

I’m also very concerned that I seem to channel Astrid when writing:

What’s wrong with sub-clauses after an em-dash anyway?

[size=85]*In the absence of any evidence to the contrary, I am going to assume Tardis blue…[/size]

Glad you guys enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

Precisely the problem, you see!

I think I may have read the novel Katherine alluded to… If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great, either. Although maybe we’re not talking about the same novel?

I’d like to be a fly on the wall of a room in which ten people, the L&L team, are sat round a table, upon which are ten MacBook Airs, loaded with OS X, Win 7 and Linux. Internet access is a given.

The L&L team have been set a non Scriv/Scap task, of considerable complexity. There is no deadline, and no penalty for failure. The object of the exercise is for the fly to able to observe how the ten disparate personality types, bond, and interact in accomplishing the task they have been set.

A fascinating idea, methinks.

Or maybe you are, but your taste differs from Katherine’s.

There was some politics, but I don’t know if I read that far into a book I got for $2 on Amazon. :wink:

If you do, I would encourage you NOT to send over the instructions for the task in a .DOCX file.
Boy, did that not go down well.


Afraid y’ll have to help me out on that,[size=150]^[/size] Rog, baby. :wink:

I’m not suggesting that I would set the challenge…that would require an IQ higher that my 7.8 ± The task/challenge, would be put together, by an outside agency.

With a modicum of additional info, augmenting the wealth of data, more than ably garnered through your perspicacious questioning, at their disposal, and the factoring into the equation, of the L&L team member’s individual biases, prejudices and idiosyncratic behavioural tendencies, a challenge befitting their capabilities could be created without to much hassle. However, the overwhelming, stipulation, would be that, all ten members, work together, and socialise, around that table, or thereabouts.

Observation of their interaction would be the purpose of the exercise.


No joke I was on the gamelan-L mailing list for awhile (back in the days of mailing lists and usenet), and RMS (yes, the RMS) was also on it. (Guess he likes Indonesian music? Who knew?) Every time someone would upload a doc file there would come a screed about FOSS. Completely, totally off-topic for the mailing list, even though I agree with some of his ideas. Was more than a bit annoying.

:confused: Still none the wiser, folks :confused: :confused: :confused:
Vic :confused:

FOSS. Free and Open-Source Software
RMS. Richard Matthew Stallman, noted software freedom activist and leading dude in the GNU Project.
Gamelan. The Javanese word for music
Screed. An informal piece of writing, typically ranting.
Off-topic. The practice of abandoning the subject or question originally posted on an online forum, commonly done to inject humour. Particularly prevalent on the LitnLat boards.