Error with versions between iPhone and Windows

Hi guys,

I’m having a problem that I can’t solve by myself: when I 'm trying to open a project in Wiindows, it says that my Windows version is older than in my iPhone. It says I have to update Windows version, but I can’t find any updates. I added a photo of the error. Any advice, my writing colleagues?

Did you create the new project on your IOS Scrivener? The iOS version reads both v2 (what Scrivener 1.x for Windows and 2.x for Mac uses) and v3 (what Scrivener 3.x for Mac and the Windows beta uses) projects, but does not translate between them. My understanding is that if you create the new project on iOS it will create it as a v3 project – which is a newer format than what Scrivener 1.x for Windows understands.

If you have access to a Mac, you can open the v3 project in Scrivener 3.x and Export it back to a v2 project. You cannot do this in the current Windows Scrivener beta, however.

Thank you so much for the answer. Unfortunately I don’t have Mac anymore, because I sold my Macbook Air for switching to Windows because iI’m studying coding. Oh well, maybe I just use my iPhone 11 Pro Max for writing. So sad that newest versions doesn’t work together, so probably I’ll have to find another software. Any suggestions?

Or you can download the Windows 3 Beta and use that, as it uses the same format as iOS and Mac 3. It has been stable for a long time—my collaborator has been using it for about 2 years —though there are a few bugs still being squashed.
You can download it from the Windows Beta Testing forum in the Announcements section—ignore the date on the post … that is the date the thread was created; RC 10/ is the current version. The only thing is that betas have an expiry date, but they release a new beta a couple of days before that, which you must upgrade to or download, or, if you miss the date uninstall the expiring version and install the newly released beta.



Whoa, hang on, neighbor. That’s not what I said. As Mark says you can always use the Windows beta which work just fine with a v3 version project. And if you created a new project on Scrivener for Windows 1.9.x, iOS Scrivener would detect it and work with it just fine.

All you need to do for now (if you don’t want to use the beta) is make sure your projects are first created on Windows and then synced to iOS before you open them there. Then they are fully backwards compatible. It can literally even be an empty project. If you don’t have access to a Mac to use (a friend or family member, or a public library) with the trial copy of Scrivener to perform the export back to v2, drop me a PM here on the forums. I would be happy to convert the project back to v2 for you.

Thanks, man! I have in my iPhone my novel manuscript, so how can I import it to Windows? I really love Scrivener and I’d like to write my manuscript with it. So, sorry my dumbness but how could this dilemma can be solved?

First step: Download and install the Windows v. 3 Beta on your PC.
Second step:

either (if you want to be able to continue working on the project on both your iPhone and your PC):

  • Download and install the Dropbox app on your computer and set up an account if you don’t have one.
  • Download and install the Dropbox app on your iPhone
  • Move the project on your iPhone into the Dropbox area in Scrivener from the Projects screen
  • Sync your iPhone with the Dropbox server (give it time to do this)
  • While it’s doing that, read the advisory at … c-services
    and this … g-with-ios
  • On your PC, make sure it has fully synchronised with the Dropbox server
  • Find and navigate to the .scriv project folder in your Dropbox folder, open it and double-click on the .scrivx file inside it
  • Scrivener should open, give you a warning that the Beta will expire on October 15th, and when you click OK should open the project.

or (if you only want to work on it on your PC and don’t want to go through all that)

  • Use iTunes to transfer the project from your iPhone to the PC, but someone else will have to help you with that, as I don’t know the details.



Wow, thank you very, very much! One question only:: where do I find this Windows 3 beta? ::smiley:

Here: [url]]

Thank you so much! Man, i love this forum!

Just to make sure: I suppose I need to uninstall Scrivener before installing the beta version?

Problem solved, thank you very, very much! Now Scrivener works like a charm in my iPhone and Windows. Thanks agaiin guys!

Actually, no. If before the deadline you check for updates in Scrivener itself, you can update directly without having to uninstall. I’m a Mac user, and though I have the Windows version for cross-checking, I’ve only just installed it using a VM and so am not sure where you find it, though probably under “Help”, I would imagine.

By the way, when you have set your options the way you want, do make sure to save them—again, I’m actually on my iPad so can’t check the details at the moment—so that if you do have to uninstall and reinstall, you can import your settings without having to go through the labour of doing it all again.



Thanks again! I actually uninstalled the version on my laptop and installed the beta version to avoid any conflicts. And the settings seems to also be the same in Windows laptop my iPhone.