Feature request: "Zoom to cursor"

I love the simplicity of Scapple and the endless canvas. I create huge mindmaps as part of my research into various topics.

Feature request: I would really appreciate the option to Zoom to Cursor.

It will help Scapple users with large mindmaps to have a more efficient workflow, and it will make the software even better without bloating it or impacting its best feature: it’s simplicity.

There are three features that might match what you are describing in a loose sense. If nothing fits, it would help to describe what you’re looking for with a scenario, I think, since there are multiple interpretations for words like ‘zoom’ and ‘cursor’.

  • Edit ▸ Find ▸ Jump to Selection and its shortcut, if you mean ‘zooming’ in the sense of transporting a thing from one place to another rapidly—the view in this case. It’s not exactly a cursor you end up at if it is notes that are selected, but if you are editing a very long note that stretches off-screen, then the text cursor or insertion point will be panned to.
  • Hold down the Z key, point the mouse “cursor” (as some refer to it) at the spot you want to move the view to, and let go of the Z key.
  • And finally, View ▸ Zoom to Selection, which again takes a loose definition for selection = cursor, but is the only one out of the list that uses zoom in the sense of changing the magnification of the view (as well as potentially moving it, if the selection is off-centre).

@AmberV Thank you for your prompt reply.

I was completely unaware of the Z option. This just made my day. That is also maintains its Zoom-level between “jumps” is an awesome feature!

All of your suggestions is highly appreciated.

Thanks Amber!

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