File/Folder links?

Hey there,

I use Scrivener to organise a homebrew TTRPG, including world, plot, characters, the lot. This also includes alchemy ingredients, which currently I use a web of folders and links to manage.

Basically, I have copies of the same ingredient in a ton of different folders, as that ingredient may be found in quite a few different biomes.

But that also means if I want to edit one, I gotta edit every instance of that text file. Which leads me to my wish. I’d like to be able to make a file that is just a link, so I can have one file referenced in multiple different folders.

I am aware of the collections feature, but that doesn’t allow me to tug those biomes away in their own folder, so it’s not quite what I would want.

Thank you for your time. And this already awesome app.

You can drag a document from the binder into the editor displaying another document.
That creates a link with the name of the target document.
Use such a link where an redundant item is referenced. (?)

Comes compile, there is a placeholder to insert content from a document into another one. (If ever you need to compile that part of your work.)

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you mean, that just creates a link inside the document, which I’m already using as shown in one of the two screenshots I’ve linked in the OP.

What I would wish for is a file in the binder that is in itself just a link.

But why not then create a blank file and paste the link in it ?

(I probably just don’t understand what you mean.)

Or perhaps you mean this :

I can’t see any screenshots?

That is exactly what I mean. That OP phrased that a lot more clearly than I did.

I definitely can do that, it’s just not all that neat.

Finally looking over the solution you propose in there, that is a possible band aid solution, but it’s still not exactly elegant. Still, thank you for your help.

I couldn’t see a way to just include a screenshot, so there are a couple links to imgur.