Font kerning is broken

The font kerning in Scrivener seems completely messed up.
I’m running Windows 7.

Here’s an attached screenshot, comparing Scrivener against Wordpad (which works fine).
Notice the enormous gap after the capital M?

Thanks, this is on the list for investigation. It seems to be a problem (or at least a more noticeable problem) for specific fonts, Palatino Linotype being one of them. You may have better luck switching to something like Calibri or Times New Roman.

Hi there,

I just installed Scrivener (like, minutes ago) and started the tutorial and immediately the kerning issues jumped out at me (it’s leaving large gaps after capital letters in Palatino Linotype). Wondering if there’s any news on the investigation into this issue? Not a major gripe. Keen to get comfy with the software for writing my thesis!

Cheers :slight_smile:

I have no inside knowledge on this specific issue, but in general Scrivener for Windows development is now focused on version 3 (skipping version 2, for version-number parity with Mac). Presumably known issues from v. 1.9.7 are being addressed in that process. There is a v. 3 beta available if you want to check it out (the latest one should be here, I believe: [url]]).