Footnotes/TOC lost the hyperlink in compile when I switched formats

I was using a compiler format that was an edited version of Paperback 5.06x7.81 and when I would compile to a PDF format the resulting document would have the footnote numbers as hyperlinks to the footnotes sitting in the Endnotes section. As I was proof reading, I could click on the footnote number, double check the footnote itself, then click on the endnote number and jump back to the point in the main text that I had been reading. This is my preference, yay!

However, I recently changed to a new format - an edited version of the Paperback 6x9. When I compile to PDF the resulting footnote numbers are no longer hyperlinks. Same with the Table of Contents, it no longer links to the Chapter from the listing in the Table of Contents.

Is there a setting I need to change to get these back? I tried reviewing all the settings in both formats to try to have them match the best I could, yet still having the issue.

(I am using Scrivener 3.1.2)

Thanks for any help or tips!

In the right-hand panel of the main Compile screen, under the Gear icon, make sure “remove all hyperlinks” is not checked.


Confirmed. It has not been checked, and the issue is still there.

Any other suggestions?