Formatting Scrivener file in Word

I’ve exported a manuscript for the first time into Word and I have questions for anyone who has done this. I exported from as an .RTF file and then cut and pasted that document into a Word file. The formatting is off, such as text extending past the margins. Is it best to clear all formatting and begin fresh within Word? Or will this create more problems?
Thanks for any help!

If you open the RTF file in Word, it should be okay as it is. You shouldn’t need to cut and paste into a Word file.

What app are you opening the RTF file in?

I’m opening the .rtf file in Text Edit on my Mac. But my editor wants the file in Word. She also wants the end notes linked to the source, which I also can’t figure out how to do in either rtf or Word. Thanks for any help.

Just open the RTF in Word (not TextEdit). TextEdit doesn’t read RTF formatting. :smiley:

Then save a copy in the .doc or .docx Word format that your contact needs.

Ok, thanks for that. The format is clean. However, the end notes do not link. This must be possible? I thought it would be automatic from what I read. I have 665 :open_mouth: notes that must be linked to their source. Help!

For future reference, the last question was answered here.