Forum messed up using chrome?

Anyone else has the forum messed up since yesterday using chrome ?
I now get all user’s profile pictures tiny tiny in the topic listings.
It does so on all my devices using chrome. Windows and Android alike.
Other browsers don’t.

"What I get" Screenshot


Working ok here Safari and Chrome looks the same right now.

I didn’t change anything either to chrome or the settings of the forum itself, but if anyone has an idea…

I cleared history.
I logged out. No change. (Even logged out it remains messed up. So it ain’t my account settings…)



For me, looks same as always on Chrome.

When I am in this element organization (I mean if I click on “latest”) mode, it is fine.

"Latest" view

But not when in the “Categories” :

"Categories" view

Hard to tell from my snapshot, but the user’s icon are super small (like half their usual size) and pixelated.

Your Categories view looks normal to me — in the sense that icons look the same size as I see them always (in Safari). Though in my case they are not at all pixelated.


Are yours the same size as elsewhere ?

I’m afraid I don’t understand the question. That is, I hardly know how I would compare the size of those images to anything on another website to make a meaningful comparison — if that is what you meant by ‘elsewhere’.

Certainly, on this very discussion thread the icons at the start of each comment are more sumptuous that they are (or sensible could be) in the listing of threads.

I meant are your icons the same size when looking at “latest” than when looking at “categories” ?


I never realized the Categories view was different. Here’s mine.

No, the Categories icons are larger.

Above the green line: This was what it looked like moments before, Brave 1.41.100 (Chromium 103.0.5060.134). And then I made the mistake to do the “right thing” (update), and Brave 1.42.86 (Chromium 104.0.5112.81)… well, you’ve already guessed it, below the green line:

Clearly Google messed something up and it also affects the Chromium codebase and will soon “improve” other Chromium-based browsers, too.

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That is exactly what I get since yesterday.
At least now I know I didn’t develop brain damage overnight.

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Not your fault. And unless they fix it soon, every browser (except Safari and Firefox) built and updated during the next days will come with this bug. Looks like shit.

EDIT @Vincent_Vincent: Okay, here comes the part where I start to question my sanity. Gave it a try just for the giggles and I honestly wasn’t expecting this.

Safari 15.6:

Firefox 103.0:

Looks like the good looking version was the actual “bug” in Chrome / Chromium based browsers and it’s supposed to look like shit. :joy: What the hell is going on…

The icons are still like they were before in Microsoft Edge.
But messed up in Firefox too.

That will change as soon as Edge gets compiled with the latest Chromium version.

Kind of a bummer. Looks like the ugly version is the correct one.

That can’t be.
:exploding_head: :face_vomiting:
. . . . . . . . .

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Just took a screenshot of discourse’s demo from their website :

It is clearly not intended to look as it does now.

Somebody call the governor. We have a crisis.

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In that case it might be a good idea to contact the Discourse devs. At least they could clarify if this change is intentional or not.

I just emailed them.

But their own forum looks perfectly normal in chrome…

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