Free crime ebook

Hi folks,

My first novel, originally published in 2007, is now available as a free ebook from my blog: … ee-e-book/

Okay, I didn’t write it in Scrivener. But, for what it’s worth, I wrote my second (now doing the round of agents) ENTIRELY in Scrivener.

I’d love you to read Bone Machiners, and would welcome comments on the blog. Also, if any of you are reviewers, I would appreciate a review also - feel free to use extracts, but let me know if you review.

By the way, If you spot any typos please let me know and I’ll fix.

It would be great also if you forward this to all your email contacts/social networking sites that you are part of etc?

Also the American audio magazine They have great stories there, from classics to contemporary!


My writer’s blog (free stories, podcasts, etc).

Downloaded. Hope to enjoy it as much as the short story.

Will let you know when I finish it - although, it is a long work to read on the screen.


Again, thanks, Matt. It is long to read on screen (unless you have an ebook reader), but I plan to make it available as a print on demand through at some point - if people are interested.


Hi John,

I confess I haven’t read it, except the first couple of pages and decided to go along. I did, however, convert it to an Open eBook - for reading it on my iPhone - and if you want I will send it to you.

Thanks for the book!


Thanks for downloading and converting. I plan to podcast the book shortly, so will let you know about that, too. I should really convert to open ebook, too. Can you tell me how? I am a Mac user, by the way.


Hi John,

I’m not sure my way of converting is something others should copy, but since you asked: yours is an pdf-file, so I used Acrobat to export to html+css and converted it to epub by using stanza ( Acrobat does a much better job in identifying chapter headings, otherwise stanza is quite able to read pdf’s directly - much faster that way - which is great for shorter text.
Another way would be calibre (, and, if you have Parallels or Fusion running some flavour of Windows, you could use the excellent conversion by the mobipocket reader, the resulting mobipocket files can in turn be easily converted using stanza or calibre; the reason for using mobipocket reader is again preserving as much of a books structure as possible…
If you are really serious about creating epub-Books in the first place then you should, for now, consider using InDesign CS4 which allows creation of ebooks.
Scrivener 2.0 will be able to export directly to epub, which will be great.

Well, that sums it up. Upon reading this post again, it sounds a bit like I am indeed a crazy or a dumb neanderthal who just uses the tools he found lying around (well, except InDesign, which I don’t have;).

I guess that is not too helpful, is it?

Hi, Zikade

I will definitely investigate ways of doing this. As it happens I am an experienced InDesign user, but for an employer I no longer work for, so I don’t have a copy. But I will look into your other suggestions. There are bound to be ways.

I will shortly be launching a podcast of Bone Machines and other stuff, so hopefully you may want to give it a listen, or part of it, and give me feedback on that, too.

Thanks for your support.


The podcast would be cool… that way I can load it on my iPod and listen in the car.

Another simple option for screen-reading ease: Set up the novel document as though it were to be printed on half-height paper. Then generate your PDF from that. The result will be a pdf with pages that conform much better to a typical computer screen. Paging is hugely better than scrolling.

(I am a huge proponent of the idea that reading books on screen really wants a sumptuous type size so one can sit back from the monitor and relax.)

Over the years, I have set and read a lot of books in this sort of format–using Quark and InDesign to make pdfs–and can attest to its value for readability on screen.*


  • Of course nowadays I usually serialize long texts into Scrivener docs and use Tofu–set with sumptuous font size and margins–for the actual reading.

** Typo report: In the blurb on the web page for the book. Should be ‘from’ not ‘form’.

Thanks all for comments, tips on PDFs, interest in podcast. Hopefully my Blu Snowball microphone for the Mac should arrive soon, then I can get to work on the podcast.