Full screen mode still broken

I’m a professional writer, and I’ve been using Scapple almost daily since it launched. I passionately love the app, but I really miss the full screen mode. Is there any news on this?

I’m talking about the title bar at the top of the screen. Since Catalina (maybe?), there hasn’t been an option to hide it completely. At first, it’s hidden, but when changing zoom levels or creating larger boards, the colored bar always appears. Sometimes, the bar is not colored but using the same background pattern, but with different resolution (or zoom level?).

Additionally, when using a textured pattern as a background, it’s constantly jumping around when I move the notes. Redrawing itself, I guess?

All this erratic behavior is pretty distracting to me. I know this is all because of some changes Apple made, not you. Still, Scapple seems to be the only app behaving this way.

Is there any hope to get this fixed?

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