Fully customizable themes!

I’m sorry if this has been mentioned to death—I did look to see if this thread existed.
Are there any plans to expand customization to the entire UI?
I understand why it took so long for Scrivener 3 to come to Windows, and I love the program, but I’m immensely jealous that Mac users get full color customization, including toolbars and basing a theme off default. I’ve tried the work arounds, including the White Theme that can be found elsewhere in the forum, but it’s obviously just not the same.

On the Windows platform, Themes are 100% customizable, while on macOS you can only save the Appearance settings as a Theme.

Toolbars are not customizable on the mac platform, apart from placing other icons on there, which on Windows is also the case. View > Customize ToolBars. But you can style ToolBars, ToolButtons, MenuBar and menus for starters.

So, you have everything you wish for, and more than macOS users enjoy…

I’ve encounteted a few UI-elements the resist styling, but not many. So, maybe it’s 98%. :wink:

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…and here is the pinned forum thread where we’ve been collecting community-created themes!

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