Get Writeroom for free

Many of you will probably have noticed it,

there is a free software bundle over at that includes Writeroom and a few other tools. Apparently the offer is valid for a limited time only. If you ever thought about giving those applications a try it’s a good offer.

All the best :smiley:

I was just coming here to say that. :slight_smile:

Hordes of Orcs
Mariner Write

All free.

I’m getting an odd message:

Ah, well. :slight_smile:

It took a little waiting time, but I got my licenses after a while. So just be patient for a little and you should be alright. :slight_smile:

Yup. Got mine now.

Except for Mariner Write. They’re not releasing that code unless they get 500,000 people to sign up using this deal before the deal expires.

They’re up 40,000 since I looked this morning, so that might happen if we keep passing the word. :slight_smile:

Apparently, the actual moment this offer expires isn’t given online, MacWorld is estimating that “6 Days” means November 10th or 11th. Here is what they say: … heist.html

You can check the offer out at:

Click on the green Get It For Free oval in the upper right.

I’ve participated before and this is completely legit. The only caution I used to offer was to make sure that for what you’re paying, you are getting enough value in applications you actually want. It’s easy, with huge price cuts, to buy software you will find you’ll never need. Of course, in an offer where all the software is free, that doesn’t apply.

Why Free?
The only catch, I suspect, it that some application developers are hoping that this free offer will make you interested in their next paid upgrade. MarinerWrite, for instance, is at version 3.9, so 4.0 is probably not far off. But that’s hardly terrible. You’ll upgrade at the upgrade price and then only if you find you like the product.

For Writers
Writers will be particularly interested in these products:




Get WriteRoom
I’d strongly recommend getting WriteRoom via the bundle. As I discuss here:

WriteRoom for the iPhone/touch works very well with Scrivener, linking the two through a website and letting you import notes (as separate documents) from an iPod/touch directly into Scrivener. I suspect the next version of WriteRoom for the Mac will add similar online linking, allowing you to edit a rough draft (back and forth) on a Mac and an iPhone/touch before moving it into Scrivener for organization and editing. It’s not Scrivener on a iPhone/touch, but given the limited UI and screen of the little thing, Scrivener on it will probably never make sense.

And if you have a tight budget or are tired of the Microsoft bloat, check out MarinerWrite as a substitute for Word.

–Mike Perry, Seattle

I got it. Just downloading WriteRoom now. Did anyone else see a really, really long serial number for it? It went off the edge of my screen, so I’m not sure I got the whole thing :open_mouth:
Edited: I did. Got WriteRoom working - whoa! black screen & green writing. It’s…interesting.

I bought a MacHeist bundle a few years ago and I’m still using some of the software (TextMate and…er, something else with a cute icon). I haven’t touched 80% of the apps (games, some vector apps, news thingy, and rapidweaver). TextMate alone was worth the price for the bundle for me.

I got it too, I like that it had writeroom. Not sure if I have a use for the other apps but I’ll give them a shot.

I got Vector Designer in an earlier deal and at the time didn’t like it much. But now I use it for all my vectoring, 'cause it works :slight_smile: It has a few bells and whistles but not too many so it still runs smoothly on my system(s).

I like trying out new software.

But I’m supposed to be writing right now…


All that stuff for free??? Is this for real, or am I dreaming?

Shovebox is worth having, as a snippet bin.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Who needs WriteRoom if he has Scrivener???

They just added Virus Barrier X5 to this bundle! Holy moley! :smiley:

I don’t get it either. Why have another app to do this?

I use WriteRoom for the "append to WriteRoom feature, which lets me type little things (emails, forum posts, that kind of thing) in full screen mode. That probably accounts for why my emails and forum posts tend to be so long (yet so focused and without distraction… oooh, wait, shiny!)

I use WroteRoom for free-flow writing, just pounding out whatever words pop into my head no matter how nonsensical they end up being. It’s faster and simpler than opening a Scrivener project just to spout gibberish; just open WriteRoom, and there’s a blank black screen waiting to be moronified.

Which is the same state of vic-k’s monitor before he hits the power button.

The same should be said of my poor, abused system.

This bundle is shiny. Now if I could stop saving villagers from orc invasions and get back to writing… :blush:

Hmm…not looking for for the unlocking of Mariner Write. Barely over halfway there, and only one day left.

I find that interesting. I’ve never seen a MacHeist fail to unlock everything available, but with a free giveaway it looks as though it’s not going to happen.

WroteRoom is a great idea – the distraction-free writing app that has your manuscript written for you when you open it.