Grammar/Spell checker for Scrivener for Windows


Currently, the spellchecking is awful on Scrivener for Windows. I’ve updated it to the latest version thinking it could be that, but no, it is still rather bad.

I mean, how is animalistic an error? I’ve noticed a lot of spelling complaints that weren’t errors at all.

I also heard that we didn’t have a grammar checker like the apple version. I never cared previously but now I do because quite simply, my punctuation is retarded. Are there plans for this in the near future? Will there be any integration with Grammarly or something similar? It would just be nice to have this because I often make silly mistakes that can easily be picked up.

Anyway, it will be nice to have an idea if improvements for these features are on the road map. Ideally, I would prefer to do all my writing in one place with the functions integrated.

If this is in the manual or have already been answered then feel free to point me to what I need to read.


Hello LinnyP,
Have to agree with you on the spellchecker. Just to let you know that ProWritingAid works well now with Scrivener. You can load up your project and it remains in the Scrivener format, binder and all. I have nothing to do with them other than being a user of the program. I find it very useful in places for checking my spelling and grammar. Worth a look and they do have a trial. Also they are very open to suggestions for improvements.

Wordweb is free and allows you to use it with any program. It uses a global hotkey across all applications. It’s a good dictionary and a decent thesaurus. Not the absolute greatest, but a better dictionary than the stock Scrivener one and a more convenient thesaurus than having to open up a webpage each time.

@shass & @Sanguinius thanks for responding - I will look into ProWritingAid & Wordweb.

Furthermore to the Scrivener people:

I was a fan of Scrivener back in 2011 and I’m not sure why I’ve never noticed Scrivener didn’t know how to spell. For a writing tool, it a creates a bad first impression and lost in confidence. When people ask me what program to use, I would always rave about Scrivener. I just can’t in good conscience continue recommending it anymore.

I find it disappointing in the 5 years since I’ve actively used it, that something as simple as a decent spell checker and some sort of grammar checking would still be absent for the Windows version.

Just for the record - the only reason that macScriv has a grammar checker is because it’s part of the OS.

IIRC since windows doesn’t have a built in spellchecker, winScriv uses Aspell. L&L are looking into other options for the next version.



Thanks for the info. It’s nice to know there is something coming up. I was just rather unimpressed that it’s been 5 years since I used this software and it seemed a little ridiculous to me it appeared to have basic problems with spelling. shrug

I was also in the mood to rant because Scrivener was pissing me off at the time with the number of false spelling errors. :wink:

All spell-checkers come up with false errors. I generally turn them off as I regard it as up to me to spell correctly; and grammar checkers are even worse, unless you want to write like a 13 year-old, and even then they give a false sense of confidence.

That said, another way of viewing it is that perhaps you Windows users have an advantage over us Mac users … you can change the dictionary that Scrivener accesses to one that suits you—there is a thread here that you should be able to find that tells you how to do so. We Mac users are stuck with what is available through, unless we are willing to purchase a third-party, standalone dictionary app and have that running in a separate window.

Mr X

To begin with Briar Kit, what are YOU ranting about?

Are you ranting about my ranting? Last I checked this was a feedback thread and I was giving my honest feedback which was feeling rather aggravated with Scrivener at the time.

So now you feel justified in giving feedback on my feedback? Did you buy my software for me?

Was I besmirching? I thought I was giving feedback as a unhappy customer, which last time I checked, I am allowed to. Who are you anyway? And what on earth makes you think I am deflecting anything. I find it interesting you are ranting and having an attack on someone you don’t even know when I was having a complaint about software that I bought.

You might have missed it because I was not clear enough. I was a fan back when it was being released for Windows. I loved it then dearly. I stopped writing for almost 5 years and recently started up again. For some reason, I never noticed that the spelling sucked, and previously I didn’t care about grammar checking. I do now and I am now complaining. I have no idea what Windows does or does not do as far as how Scrivener integrates with it. The charm of Scrivener is that it handled everything for me and I never had to read the bloody manual. That’s why I recommend it to people who just want to get on with the writing and not fuss about stuff. I have found since using it again I am cutting and pasting and doing stuff outside of it more than I like. It has suddenly felt fiddly. Especially since the spelling is crap. People here have pointed out the reasons without ranting as you do. You need to take a chill pill.

Make that two pills. A sheesh yourself, you sound like a complete nutter to me. And no, I won’t recommend it to people anymore. I still find it ridiculous it can be oh so powerful but it can’t spell. Bad first impression, I don’t want to be associated to it and it grates on me that the team has not come up with a better solution by now. I find you nonsensical that you can’t understand the meaning of FEEDBACK and feel the need to attack a person. Are you being paid to do so?

Blah blah blah…whatever. Since it as been calmly explained by others, I can live without Grammar checker but it would be a nice to have. A better spell checker, that I would not have thought would be hard. That is what aggravates me the most. Having to ignore the red highlighted non errors and then having to second guess my own spelling. It is distracting. I have a problem with that, so what about it? I don’t want to recommend software to friends and colleagues that I feel can’t spell. All your ranting has done has added to my overall bad impression. Thank you.

Also, I am happy to pay more for better functionality. I am expressing a preference for all my tools to be integrated, if possible. If Scrivener cannot get better spelling, then does it have the ability to integrate with external dictionaries. That is what I want to know, not your babbling about cookers.

And some people do; there is nothing wrong with people wanting to use Word. I can tell you that people I have recommended to try Scrivener were probably better off using Microsoft because they are familiar with the user interface. I didn’t actually have to recommend or encourage them to try Scrivener. I’m disinclined now. You’ve convinced me of nothing. So for them, if they’re going to get annoyed with the crappy spelling then they may not want to invest more time in learning the software. Some people don’t need all the countless features. That’s an opinion but feel free to keep attacking me in a feedback channel because you must have paid for my software.

Well at least the Grammarly information you provided is useful.


Thanks, I haven’t had a chance to look into the information closer that people have provided, but if there is the ability to integrate to external dictionaries then that will be useful. I’m not the best typist when I try to keep up with what I am thinking, so having the dictionary work with some confidence gives me a rough check for dumb errors. Which happens often because I mistype and drop letters in my rush to get the words out.

I don’t think I am wrong in thinking that the current out of the box Scrivener dictionary for windows is not just your usual false spelling errors. It actually comes across as worst than normal. That’s why it makes me cranky.

I would like to have a grammar checker that I can switch on and off even if it is really stupid most of the time. It will still pick up some of my silly mistakes and bad habits. It is all about the efficiency of a quick browse and then doing a more detailed correction later. I am willing to pay for a grammar checking service and ideally I would be happy to pay Scrivener if there was an integration. But what I am hearing is NO. Fine.

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Oh please, keep up with the insults. I think I should be reporting you. I expressed a mini rant because the software was frustrating me at the time and then I have this crazy man ranting at me, rather than just politely answering the question like others did. I truly don’t have to recommend the software if I don’t care to and I was letting the software makers know. I didn’t realize I have to tip toe over egg shells to lodge feedback.

What I find from your response and this so called ‘Brian’ is rabid angry replies that I don’t appreciate. So don’t expect me to be polite back. Oh yes, it makes sense…let’s get the Scrivener people to ban me and revoke my license. It just won’t do that I provided feedback that I was unhappy about the software for whatever reason, and because I take exception to crazy, overly verbose critique to my feedback that are insulting and too tedious to read because it was so long winded. I don’t think I even paid attention to all if it really - oops.

And I just skimmed your response and just noted more senseless ranting. I didn’t take much of it in either. But why are you so angry, I hope you’re not red in the face and about to explode? I’m rather amused over here to be honest. If you really want to see loony, you may want to look in the mirror. lol


Oh damn you scrivener people! I was having so much fun with the insults! shakes fist

I wrote this post about 'Brian’whathisface continuing his repugnant self-pleasuring of his opinion from afar and saving me having to scroll past his boring long posts… But no, it disappeared. sigh

It was a misunderstanding in that you made a big fuss over a mini vent.

I am done with this thread too but I am always happy to keep trolling if either you or angry lurker want to keep it up. :smiley:

Good evening/day.

Someone needs to grow up. There is no long term lurker. Starting an alias to post when you are already registered and posting is immature. The silly miss spelling of Brian instead of Briar does not impress. How about using the forum for its actual purpose.