Grammarly worked

I tried using Grammarly with Scrivener in windows 10 version 3 and it worked just fine, for about a month. Then it stopped. So I exited Grammarly and reopened it. It worked again before it stopped again. Then I logged out of Grammarly and it worked, then it stopped again. So I uninstalled Grammarly and reinstalled it, and it worked again, but that was before it stopped shortly after. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it only worked for a page or two. So is Scrivener designed work with Grammarly? When I search online the most up-to-date information says no, but that’s in 2019.

Edit: I would like to try reinstalling Scrivener. Has anybody tried that?

@Puffysmoke, have a look here:

Apparently Grammarly made some change which broke its compatibility. You can follow there to see when others see it back again…

I wouldn’t fool with Scrivener installs as this seems unnecessary, but it seems there should be some workarounds to tide you over. If the desktop app doesn’t have its own editor screen where you could copy-paste sections, seems the web browser version ought to help cope. I’m sure you’ve thought of such things :slight_smile:

thanks, and brain fart on my end. I scanned the link you posted before making my own post and when I saw 2021 I thought that was the year of the post. didn’t realize the post was made 7 days ago. Looks like we’re having a power outage of sorts.