Grateful for the good news

There’s an overabundance of doom, doubt, and dreariness on the Internet. We all know that.

But here in the Scrivener-W Beta forums, I see good news. “Beta” has become “Release Candidate.” Testers are still dutifully reporting issues, and I have every confidence that the Scrivener-W team is working to address them.

Even under a mask, life still goes on. And some things that are already good are getting better.

It’s nice to think that soon I’ll be able to pay for Scrivener-W 3.0
Thanks, L&L, for keeping a light on in the gloom.

Couldn’t agree more.

When I saw ‘Beta’ changed to ‘Candidate’ release I smiled.

I note its now release candidate 2. Will you still be smiling at release candidate 35 ?


I will be happy with each release even after its release because why? There will be patches, updates and other whatnot for even after a beta becomes, silver than gold there will always be something needing to be done until told to fade into the sunset.

This is very exciting! I use multiple systems - my desktop is an iMac, my tablet is aniPad, and my laptop is…a Surface. Noooo!

I have been waiting impatiently for the new version!


If it takes that long, which I doubt, then so be it. They are close enough to move from Beta to RC, and yes, if a nasty bug or two turn up which means further delays then I’m okay with that.

Software development can be frustrating at times for all. The simplest change or bug fix can reveal other nasties lurking in the dark. It’s the nature of the beast.

I will have to consider getting a 3.0win license once this comes out… just in case I dual boot with Windows or Linux on my Mac! :slight_smile: I have played with many of the betas on a Windows machine and was blown away with how usable and stable the betas truly were.

Well, personally I think the devs should not be rushed. Take their time. There should be a few more release candidates, and then a couple of dozen imminent release candidates. Then have an office party (Yep, we’re all locked down and L and L are spread out around the globe anyway.) prior to release. Not often you get a leading, in its field, software package you can download for free and is updated monthly. Why spoil the fun with too early a release.?

Well RC 3 and the next update will be 10 days instead of the usual 7. It seems the final version will take some time yet. I do not expect a 2020 release yet.

Trying to divine the release date by looking at the number of beta releases and expiration dates is like trying to divine the future by reading the dregs of a cup of tea. It may feel like you’re doing something significant…but it’s really not.

Most certainly. I am more excited each time the RC number goes up (3 now I think) as that means more bugs are quashed and it comes a step closer to being on my PC Monitor with all that MAC-like goodness. :mrgreen:

RC 5 already!!! Do not hold your breath just in case. This beta will be valid for more than a month…

But RC5 is running to the end of May. Not sure if that is a good or bad sign. But could be a way to keep the version numbers low. :wink:

In any case I’m a mostly happy user of Scrivener 3 Beta for almost a year now. Getting out of Beta will just mean, that I have to spend some bucks on it. :laughing:

Being the somewhat cheap, err, I mean, rather frugal individual that I am, I will be so disappointed (not) when the RC becomes a final release. I might be consoled by a new Beta for something or other. On the positive side, it would give me something to whine about when I’m not otherwise occupied.

Now I’m content with whining about eventually having to pay for it. :wink:

Maybe they have some big bug to cope with, like their bête noire, bullet lists. After fixing many smaller bugs, now they have to put effort into things like this. :wink:

It could also be that the bugs are coming more slowly now, and they need some time for people to find enough to justify fixing and making a new version. Either way, it’s an extra step towards the end of the Beta.

Apropo of unsolicited opinion, I’d like to point out that a scan of the release post that gets updated each time a new version is available—specifically regarding which bugs are now fixed—blows me away this time at the sheer number of bugs fixed (though I remain uncertain if this is cumulative, or if it’s inclusive from previous releases) is staggering, given the smallness of their team (only two developers, if I recall correctly.)


And here we are on RC 5 with a life span of a whole month and no sign of final release… #2021 for the masses or perhaps we should set our sights for #2022?

Well ya, but-- need I go on? Oh very well, I will go on.

I’ve been using the beta for like, forever, like. Produced plenty output. Made money from plenty output produced. Can’t wait for 2022 to arrive so I can count more money.

What problems are you having? V1.9x is perfectly usable. Works plenty good. Me produce plenty output with v1.9x. Get paid money.

What was I saying? I forget.