Guidelines for posting wishlist requests

If you’ve got a cool idea, let us know! We don’t expect everyone to scour the Mac user manual or whatever before they post a wish request. :slight_smile: It’s more about if you do know of a Mac feature and then come and post a wish request for that on Windows—there’s really no point in doing that.

Thanks much, Amber. “Cool” idea. Probably not. Nice to have, maybe. We’ll see. I’ll post soon. Thanks again and hope the rest of your weekend is enjoyable.

What forum do feature requests go in for Scapple?

There isn’t a dedicated place for that on the forum as Scapple is meant to be a simple utility that isn’t under constant revision and change. That isn’t to say we won’t jot down ideas if we think they might fit into the vision of the software, however. It is probably best to just write in to our support address for Scapple.

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