Have you seen the new Windows Word "merge" formatting?

Dated May 7, 2024: This new default is similar to paste and match style, but the game changer is…

  • Merge Formatting: Keeps formatting from the original content that has meaning (bold, underline, list and table structure, etc.) but matches the formatting of the destination content before your cursor (font family, size, color, etc.)

(and italics mentioned elsewhere)



Every time a program introduces something “helpful” like this it makes it more awkward and time consuming for me to remove the crappy lowest-common denominator assumptions they bake in and get it to do what I actually want.

No, I don’t want you to capitalise my name every time you see it; it creates extra steps for me to remove them from email addresses (by far the most common way I type my name).

No, I don’t want you to automatically create mail:to links from email addresses. I hardly ever use word to create digital documents and that is hella-weird formatting for a printed document.

No, I don’t want you deciding what you think are the important parts of the formatting to keep and which to reject. You have a terrible track record of getting these things right.

Down with AI. Down with Automation. Down with grammar checkers and automatic language changes back to US English. Down with changing the carefully set margins for bullets and lists on a whim. You are a word processor. Just process the damn words how I tell you!



{takes deep breath and thinks of the ocean}


Amazing new feature (if it works properly). Like HTML code but without CSS. Possibly the biggest advantage of Markdown, now with rich text.

Finally. I’ve been waiting for the third way to copy and paste for ages. Just not in Word, because I don’t care for Word at all. But I hope this becomes a regular Clipboard feature of macOS soon.

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