Incorporate the new "merge formatting" into Scrivener?

I just wanted to put this out there with my hope that this new functionality can be incorporated into Scrivener for Windows. :pray:

Excerpt from the Windows article linked below:(emphasis is mine)

  • Merge Formatting: Keeps formatting from the original content that has meaning (bold, underline, list and table structure, etc.) but matches the formatting of the destination content before your cursor (font family, size, color, etc.)

(retaining italics is mentioned elsewhere :partying_face:)

I can only hope that it is not a proprietary functionality and that it would work within Scrivener (Scrivener to Scrivener) and that it wouldn’t be a major code rewrite. :crossed_fingers:

Imagine the formatting issues this would overcome when editing and revising! This new default is so much better than ‘paste and match style.’

This article is dated May 7, 2024:

Updated default paste option in Word for Windows

There is a new default paste option, based on your feedback! The Merge Formatting option is now the default when pasting from other programs.

I will admit, I can see a potential for the inability to apply this to a Scrivener to Scrivener “merge formatting” functionality because of the final line “when pasting from other programs” :woozy_face: but it sure would help when pasting from other programs, or from Scrivener to Word.

My previous post in Latte:[Have you seen the new Windows Word "merge" formatting?]

I do not have Word to test it, but from the description, how is this effectively different than the Documents ▸ Convert ▸ Text to Default Formatting... command? Or rather I should say, effectively for this one small usage scenario they added—whereas the Scrivener approach not only works on text you pasted in, but text that you wrote 12 years ago and no longer care for the look of, or never mind updating several thousand “files” all at once, and with options to choose what “meaningful” means. :slight_smile:

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This would be something that Word does with information on the clipboard. I’m not sure why you would expect Word functionality to be available to third-party software.

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Well darn. I did not know that. I thought it was something that could be incorporated as an alternative to paste match style so tha italics, bold, underline etc. wouldn’t get stripped out.

Oh well, wishful thinking. Thank you for the education kewms. :smiling_face: