Help - Scrivener updated and is now in Russian

My Scrivener just updated and now is displaying all menu text in what I think is Russian - any advice? I can’t navigate any of the menus to find language settings. I’ve tried closing the program and reopening but no joy. I’m sure there is a simple fix but I can’t obviously work it out!:slight_smile:

I uninstalled Scrivener and then reloaded which has sorted the issue. But has anyone any idea why it happened. I’d like to avoid it happening in the future as could do without the stress and the hassle!

Similar thing happened to this poster, with similar resolution. But in their case it was Ukrainian!

I’m glad it was resolved for you.


To be honest - it could have been Ukrainian - my language recognition in the middle of the night isn’t good.

If you think about it, the area code for Ukraine is almost certainly ‘uk’, so I would presume that in the initial update, ‘en-uk’ got truncated accidentally to ‘uk’ and there you go …



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@xiamenese good point :joy: Just hope it doesn’t do it again! The other user who is linked to above seems to have had it happen several times :scream:

Hello, ‘other user here’,
It never happened on the Mac only on my PC.
I always run the latest version.

After I reinstalled it was OK for about a week then happened again a few times, so kept reinstalling.

Since the last install it seems to be OK. I never mess with the language settings, just leave it on ‘system language’.

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Thank you, @thisgetsold . I’m just crossing my fingers :crossed_fingers:Hopefully whatever’s causing it to happen will get fixed soon (or we all get a good Ukranian dictionary). Very frustrating!

I had this when I changed my language to British English from US English. Fortunately I’d just been watching the Taskmaster adverts for Google, and Google Lens was actually incredibly helpful in finding out how to switch it back to US English

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@Galadriel1010 :joy: I knew Taskmaster was brilliant but didn’t realise it was that brilliant! :joy:
I didn’t even think of Google Lens.

Thinking about it - I’d changed it to British English the week before, but I hadn’t closed/reopened Scrivener since doing it. I’d forgotten I’d changed it.