Help with comic scripts

Hi, I’ve got two other questions as I’m setting up my own template for comics. Thanks to this thread, I figured out how to number dialog and I hope someone can help me with two other things I’d like to have in my scripts.

First off, counting total panels for page. Is there a placeholder tag I could use for this output?


I have three different numbering groups—n:page, n:balloon, and n:panel. The balloon and panel groups get reset at the top of each page. Is there some placeholder tag that can count the instances of a numbering group or no?

The second thing is about page descriptions that span several physical pages. For example, let’s say the dialog and descriptions for Page 1 spans two pages. So the second printed page would still describe the first page of the comic. Is there a way to get this at the top of the page?


Thanks for any advice you can give.

On the PANEL COUNT question:

You might want to look at Brigitta’s Scrivener Comic Script Template designed to cleave to the Standard Comic Script format. Giving a panel count for each comic page is one of the things that template does, if memory serves.

On the second question, I am less certain. I don’t see a placeholder way to get something like that into the header of the page – most placeholders don’t work in the header/footer areas.


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